Pete “StarLord KickAss”

Galactic Personnel Record # 6969-74-OU812

Subject Name: Peter Michael Wadsworth

Aliases: Pete Starlord Kickass

Height: Too tall

Weight: Too fat

Known bounty: Yes. 6 million credits. Wanted dead or alive, preferred dead so he will shut up.

Known affiliations: Owner writer, writer creator of The Adventures of CT-0088 in the ass end of space. Co host of the TGR Star Wars hour podcast. Ones of the founders of TGR Entertainment group Corp.

Known offensives against the Galactic Empire: Peter Michael Wadsworth is a offensive loud mouth jerk who has several times spoken out against the Empire and has sparked several rebellions in the past several years. He is armed with only his wit but however that is a powerful weapon indeed.


Hey everyone this is Pete, glad to meet everyone and glad you are here as well. Come visit me on one of my sites or seek me out on Facebook or Twitter @pwadsworth74 and of course I’m always on here so check me out!!!! Mtfbwy always!!!!


Where to find my ass…

thenerfheardersherald.netIts more than Bantha fodder..



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