Krystee “Empress”

I am a 30 something wife to an immigrant. My husband gives literally zero fuqs about Star Wars…yeah, that makes it interesting.  When I don’t want to smother him in his sleeps, I loves him.  A lot.  

me and mishima

Kazuya & Krystee

He makes my heart smile…or some similarly sappy romantic shit. We’ve been together on and off for the past 12 years…I suppose it’s more or less permanent now since I finally caved and he put a ring on it as they say.  *rolls eyes*

I’m also a *loving* (read: patient/stoic) mother of a 9 year old know-it-all who at least gives a few blasé fuqs about Star Wars. Her favorite characters though are sadly a Wookiee and whatever the hell Yoda is.  The Dark Side is not strong with her. *insert sad face* She’s a good kid though, seriously and I will violently murder anyone that lays a finger on her.  Oh, yeah, she’s also in Taekwondo, so you can find me in the dojang regularly.

I also work full time, daydream full time, write smut part time, blog smut part time, and blog Star Wars full time.  I’m also one of the full time co-hosts of this fantastic podcast! And finally…my claim to fame…

I’m the creator/owner/operator/Empress* of DIARY OF A SITH CHICK 

I also crochet and craft and cook and do other shit normal women my age do. *drink*

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*My loving admins/friends gave me the nickname Empress…I didn’t just give myself this nickname though you shouldn’t put it past me to do such a thing.  ;o*