Peter Wadsworth aka Starlord…

Peter Wadsworth aka “Starlord Kickass”


Hello all Pete here! Well what is to be said that I have not already spouted off about myself already all over the Internet. I wrote the treatment for the very first episode of the TGR Star Wars hour back in 2014 and began recording in 2015 it has been crazy ever since! I began liking Star Wars as a child that and G.I Joe and just about anything that was a product of the 1980’s!


Today I am the CEO of TGR Entertainment and the producer/director of many of the shows that are found on this Network. I have a degree in Film and video production from FMU as well as a Psychology and Communications/Journalism. It has been an honor meeting all the people who have been a part of TGR Network to date and are really looking to the future.

Peter Wadsworth CEO/TGR Entertainment