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What is Japaeti?

Japaeti was started in Summer 2010 by Johnny Bisaha, Paul Hessing and Tom Rasulo. Johnny and Paul had been writing music together since 2002 and Tom had been making music with Johnny since 2009 with their progressive rock project, Before the Satellites.

“Milestone” was written and subsequently became the opening track on the debut album, creating a new musical direction that would eventually become Japaeti. This project was originally intended to be instrumental only. Japaeti revealed its name during the 4th track, entitled “ABACUS,” which eventually became the album name. Japaeti was born.

While writing the first four songs of ABACUS, the concept of Japaeti presented itself to the three, and it was decided that the expression of this concept could only be fully realized with lyrical content and vocals. So, naturally, Johnny began writing the lyrics and direction of ABACUS. Since it was originally intended to be an instrumental project, lyrics began developing with the 5th track, titled “A Voice Unspoken.” However, there are hidden stanzas within the first 4 tracks of the album, which are intended to guide The Listener through the music.

ABACUS was recorded throughout the summer of 2012 at Broken Glass in Hollywood, CA. It was released independently on December 21, 2012, and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other reputable digital download distributers. The record was recorded and self-produced/engineered by Japaeti. It was mixed by Tom Rasulo and mastered by Jamie King.

In addition to ABACUS, a follow-up double-album ( Daybreak / Nightfall ) has been fully written and is in the process of being recorded. This 13 track double-album ( 7 on Daybreak, 6 on Nightfall ) includes the newest additions to Japaeti. Chris Reyes on guitar and Tyler Shields on bass.

Amidst working on Daybreak/Nightfall, Japaeti has recorded a wide variety of cover songs/medleys which will be released either as singles or in EP format as intermediate releases between original albums. Some of these covered songs include Kashmir, Superunknown, Would?, and a Star Wars medley.

Japaeti takes pride in using influence from a broad range of artists, such as: Gojira, Between the Buried and Me, Nine Inch Nails, Devin Townsend, King Crimson, and Tool. They separate themselves from the pack by including elements from as many styles of music as possible, while keeping metal as the focal point.

As vocalist, Johnny Bisaha, stated in a recent interview, “Japaeti is not just a melting pot of genres. We try to never do anything to excess, while still reaching as broad of an audience as possible. Every melody, beat, and lyric are all a part of the greater scope of the story.”

Japaeti has much planned for the future, so check site for updates.


Johnny Bisaha | Vocals/Guitars/Art

Paul Hessing | Guitars

Chris Reyes | Guitars

Tyler Shields | Bass

Tom Rasulo | Drums



Featured in our show The Wondrous Wampa Room as the Watto and the JC Jazz Band.

The JC Jazz Crew traditional jazz and swing trio made up of three good friends who share a love for vintage jazz. Born out of living room jam sessions a few times a year when they all happened to be in the same city, they started to record and post some videos of their jam sessions to youtube. One afternoon they decided to try Justin’s arrangement of John Williams’ “Cantina Band Song” from Star Wars, and the video took off.

 The group continues to make videos on those few instances when they are able to hang out and the next time the gang will be together will be November 2015 for the annual San Diego Jazz Festival and to launch their debut CD, “Four on the Floor” in Los Angeles.


Justin is a versatile musician who has played with symphony orchestras, big bands, trios, traditional jazz bands, gypsy jazz bands, brass bands, funk bands, and more. For over a decade he has performed for audiences all over the world at jazz festivals, swing dances, weddings, corporate events, restaurants, cafés, cruise ships, and more. He is also passing the torch on the next generation by teaching student youth bands in the Sacramento area. Justin plays with a number of bands, including The Au Brothers Jazz Band, The Red Skunks, Element Brass Band, The Nibblers, The West End Stompers, City of Trees Brass Band, the Harley White Orchestra, High Sierra Jazz Band, and more.


 At the young age of 23, Chloe has been playing music for about 13 years. She got her start in San Diego, and continued on to Los Angeles performing with various jazz bands, Youth Symphonies, and festivals. While in school at Webster University in St Louis,  Third Man Records (Jack White’s label) artist Pokey LaFarge saw her play around town, and asked her to be on his album and tour in support of it. Over the last 3 years she has traveled the world with Pokey and his band, performing at places like Late Night with David Letterman, the Grand Ole Opry, Prairie Home Companion, Ireland’s Late Late Show, The Marty Stuart Show, Bonnaroo, Newport Folk Festival, Wayne Shorter Tribute and many others.


 Conrad plays mainly guitar, but also plays upright bass, drums, and washboard for various traditional jazz bands in the Los Angeles area. In addition to the JCJC, he leads The Big Butter Jazz Band and plays with string swing band Django Foxtrot. Still new to traditional jazz, Conrad was introduced to it in 2011 at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp (which Justin and Chloe both attended in their youth), where he met some of Justin’s bandmates in the Red Skunks, and later Justin. Not long after he met Chloe while she was part of Los Angeles’ roots orchestra Dustbowl Revival, and they quickly became friends. In addition to playing around Los Angeles, Conrad often travels to New Orleans and sits in and occassionally plays some gigs with many of the young bands there.