Mike Mann



 Along time ago (1974) in a hospital far far away… I was born. Three years later the greatest story ever told was released to the Galaxy. The only thing I remember about my very first Star Wars experience was seeing The Empire Strikes Back in the movie theater, and the thing I remember most were the big AT-AT walkers, Darth Vader, and I vaguely remember seeing Return Of The Jedi in the theater in 1983. But when I really got hooked was when they  re-released the originals in 1995, I believe, and I’ve never looked back!


I’ve collected toys, some Darth Vader tattoos and I’ve completely fallen in love with Star Wars, but there are times I believe I am more of a Darth Vader fan then a Star Wars fan. As much as I hate to admit that I still love it all. Watching Star Wars makes me feel like a kid again so why grow up?!! I currently produce and write as well as edit several projects on the TGR network like The Wondrous Wampa Room, TGR Weekly News and Sitting with Starlord. 

Mike Mann
Monkey Basement Productions