Joe Falcone


My name Is Joe Falcone. I’m a musician, a writer, comic reader, Fanboy. I’m from Long Island, NY. Star Wars has always been a huge part of my life. It even landed me in Special Ed after writing a letter to George Lucas and sounding like a stalker. Ever since I watched A New Hope for the first time in my grandma’s kitchen I was hooked. As the years gone on I watched the prequels religiously as well as the special edition VHS OT.


Eventually I started playing the video games which taught me more lore. As well as reading many novels my personal favorite The Legacy of the force stories. When we they made the old canon legends I was hurt but after seeing the new canon books and material I didn’t realize how bright the Star Wars future looks. I can’t wait to report and share my beliefs and excitement with my family The Star Wars community. I have my podcast Metalnerdz as well as new member to the Star Wars Talk Show with Alex Chellberg and TGR Star Wars hour. This is where the fun begins!


Check me out on Metalnerz as well as other great shows on the TGR Network like TGR Star Wars News Hour!!! Thank care Fanboys and Fangirls!!!!


Joe Falcone….