Ciaran Shuart

Ciaran Shuart (Pronounced: Key-r-in Shoe-urt) was born and raised in Canada, and was introduced to Star Wars when he was 5. Ciaran joined the Expanded Universe fans when he was 12 and joined the online Star Wars community at 13. He was an admin of the Everything Sith Facebook page for a time, before moving on and making his own Facebook page that goes by the name of The Ultimate Sith Empire.

Ciaran took part in the expanded universe movement, when later joining Star Wars groups. It was then he met Peter Wadsworth, leader of The Galactic Roundtable page and website. They became fast friends when Ciaran was offered a place among The Galactic roundtable to Star in Youtube videos, Podcasts, promotion throughout the world and write articles for the website. Ciaran proudly loves his job with TGR and hopes to stay with them for a good long while.