The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – Are We Being Kept in the Dark About Episode VIII? Or: What we don’t know won’t hurt us.

star_wars_episode_viiiBy this point in the Episode VII timeline, knew the title was The Force Awakens and were very close to getting a teaser trailer…so far for Episode VIII we know…nothing. Or, at best, very little. Sure, I understand that Episode VII was like the reintroduction of Star Wars to the world, and now we have Rogue One to keep us occupied, so it’s not really out of the question to be less-informed about the next chapter in the saga than we were previously…but that also doesn’t stop me from frothing at the mouth more and more with each passing day without any real, juicy Episode VIII information…so, are we being kept in the dark on purpose to keep the focus on Rogue One, or have they just not made Episode VIII a priority like they did with Episode VII because, frankly, they know they don’t have to? Well, either way, here are a few things I’m dying to get when it comes to the main saga from a galaxy far, far away…

What’s in a name?
space-bearWell, when it comes to the Star Wars saga, quite a bit…once you get past the first film in a trilogy, that is, because, honestly, all “The Force Awakens” did was throw us all into a speculative frenzy; not to mention, who would have known what “A New Hope” meant back in the day, and who had much more than a clue what “The Phantom Menace” was all about in the second coming? The answer there is roughly “no one.” But, conversely, “Attack of the Clones” and “The Empire Strikes Back” give you a lot more to sink your teeth into as far as story elements go…”So, what do you think will happen in ‘Attack of the Clone?'” “Well, bruh, I think the clones are going to attack, starting the Clone Wars.” Sure, there’s a lot more to it than that, but the second episode titles are much less cryptic than the first episode titles. So, should we expect the title of the second episode of the sequel trilogy to follow suite? Will it be something like “The Legacy of Vader” or “A Song of Skywalkers” that tells us it will deal mostly with Luke and/or Kilo and what their lineage represents? Or will it be something like “A Shattered Resistance” or “Fear the First Order” that tells us there are dark times ahead for the good guys? (Yeah, I know “good guys” depends on your point of view, and yeah I know it’ll most likely be nothing like any of those, but you get the idea…) Or will the Disney-era trilogy go off-script and come up with another cryptic name that sends people like me miles deep into the speculation rabbit hole? Regardless, I just really hope they gives us something soon…if for nothing else, just so I can start referring to it as something other than “Episode VIII”…

Dramatis Personae
benicio-del-toroAside from the triumphant return of all major, and some minor, players from The Force Awakens (well, except Han…*tear*), we also know that Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran have been added to the cast of characters…but who are they? Sure, there are rumors out there that Benicio del Toro is playing some kind of quasi-villain, or “man in black,” that Kelly Marie Tran’s character is somehow involved with Finn, and that Laura Dern is probably playing some kind of aristocrat or political figure…but so what? Even if those rumors are true, we still basically know nothing about any of these new characters; if the rumors aren’t true (which they usually aren’t, not entirely, anyway), then we literally know nothing more than they’re getting a paycheck for having filmed scenes for Episode VIII. Whoop dee freakin’ doo. Now, granted, we didn’t get teased with character names for The Force Awakens until December, but, if they don’t drop them soon, they certainly wouldn’t interrupt the Rogue One frenzy that’s sure to be boiling over by releasing them the same month their new movie comes out…would they? I think not. So that means it’ll more than likely be early next year before we get any sort of solid confirmation on what the three aforementioned stars will be adding to our beloved galaxy far, far away…(though I’m pretty sure Benicio del Toro is just going to reprise his role as the Collector from the MCU, thus joining Disney’s powerhouse franchises…kidding…obviously)…

I’ll be in my trailer!
trailerIt was around Thanksgiving in 2014 that we got the infamous “There’s been an awakening, have you felt it?” teaser for The Force Awakens…Thanksgiving is next week, should we expect to be able to fill our eyes with Episode VIII footage after filling our bellies with turkey, stuffing, etc.? I seriously doubt it, but that would really make my holiday (that and leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potato sandwiches…love those). I think, though, like I mentioned above, there’s going to be too much focus on Rogue One for the powers that be to allow the Star Wars excitement to be split between the movie that’s coming out soon that they want everyone to go see, and the movie that won’t line their pockets until next year. Although, with all the confusion about where Rey and Finn were in the Rogue One trailer, it might not be a bad idea to throw a teaser out there for Episode VIII just to clarify that they are, in fact, two separate movies…but the marketers might be thinking that something like that could discourage people from seeing Rogue One since they might feel like it’s not a “real” Star Wars movie…so yeah, I would be surprised if we get anything more than a title before late January/early February (and I doubt we get anything at all before then)…but, how sweet would it be if they released a short teaser add-on to Rogue One that gave us a glimpse of old Luke Skywalker in action? Sweeter than a big slice of pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream, that’s how sweet…

So what say you, my admiring fans? Er, I mean, what do you think? Will we get any Episode VIII information before Rogue One, or is it going to be all Rogue One all the time until well after December 16th? When we do get something, what do you think it’ll be? Will things come in the same order as they did for The Force Awakens (title, teaser, character names), or do you think the order might be jumbled? What part are you most looking forward to? (For me, honestly, it’s the title, especially if they keep up with the less cryptic titles of the other second installments.) Hit me back with some comments and we’ll keep the conversation going until they actually give us something substantial to talk about…or don’t, and I’ll just talk to myself (like I usually do)…I may or may not have a post next week, it depends on how busy the holidays get, but I’m leaning toward trying to get something written early so you lot won’t have to go without because I know how awful that is…or something…anyway, see you next week for comics for sure!


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