TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Poe Dameron #8 & The Force Awakens #6

Marvel Star WarsIt’s that time again! Well, actually a couple days after that time, but who’s counting? (Me, obviously…) Anyway, this week we get back into the meat and potatoes of the Poe series, which makes me exceedingly happy because it means Terex will be back in the mix, and I am overwhelmingly intrigued by that guy. We also got the finale of the comic book adaptation of The Force Awakens, which was another quick, action-packed read. I’m not sure, going forward, if I’ll bother with the comic adaptations of films, though…not because this one was bad, by any means, but just because it didn’t really add all that much (if anything) to the story and I’d rather use my comic budget for other things…but who knows, I’ll probably end up getting them because I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Star Wars! (I’m so lame.) Now, on with the show!

Poe Dameron #8
poe8We find our hero mid-workout, releasing his frustrations about the traitor in his midst via some good, ol’ fashioned kickboxing. I approve. Then we switch to Terex, who seems to be coming undone before entering his chamber and going right into a flashback of the Battle of Jakku. It turns out the First Order’s man of mystery was once a common Stormtrooper of the old Empire, TK-603, who was involved in said battle. As he and a fellow trooper and leader watch the Star Destroyer crash to the surface, his fellow trooper, TK-605, shoots their leader rather than continuing to “fight to the last man.” TK-605 convinces Terex to abandon his armor in the desert and find their way, Finn-style, in their black under-suites. Then we’re back in Terex’s chamber, where a modified version of his armor that looks reminiscent of a Stormtrooper samurai is staring back at him, surrounded by a collection of Imperial memorabilia that would make Ransolm Casterfo jealous. Next, we’re back on D’Qar where Poe lets Oddy, the Abednedo technician, take Black One out for a spin while 3PO informs Poe about a new mission to find out what happened to a droid informant that was about to send a large data payload about the First Order, including the whereabouts of Snoke himself, before it got cut off. It’s a limited mission that only requires one other person, and while Poe agonizes over who to choose, since he’s not sure which could be a traitor, we switch back to Terex aboard Takin’s old ship where he blasts the comm when asked to contact Phasma, and puts in his code to access his samurai-trooper armor. Then we drift back in time again to Jakku where Terex and TK-605, now referred to as Corlac (which sounds familiar, but I can’t place it), are creating their own starship out of leftover parts from the now-infamous battle, including what looks like x-wing engines, TIE interceptor wings, and the head of a walker. Pretty badass-looking, honestly. (Makes me want to buy a bunch of Star Wars ship models and Frankenstein them up.) And it seems, even in the year it’s been since they abandoned their posts, that Terex is still looking to get back in touch with what’s left of the Empire once they leave Jakku, though he agrees to go with Corlac’s plan to head to the outer rim, but not before he gets one more thing before they go. But before we see what it was, we’re back on D’Qar where Poe, BB-8 and C-3PO are boarding the ugly, space-bus-looking shuttle they’re using for their mission. Then (yeah, this comic moves around from place to place and even through time a lot) we’re back with Terex where he shows up in the cockpit with his armor on in the present while simultaneously explaining to Corlac that he could let go of his armor (that’s the one thing he had to get before they left), he just doesn’t want to, in the past. Finally we continue with all three points of view as everyone, Poe & Oddy (who he decided to bring along instead of anyone in Black Squadron), Terex and the Carrion Spike, and Terex & Corlac, end up going to the same place:  Kaddak. What was on Kaddak when Terex first arrived? Is Corlac possibly still there? What’s there now that pertains to the First Order? Does Terex know Poe is on his way there, or will they have a surprise meeting? This series went from “eh, I guess I’ll read it” to “omg when’s the new one come out?!?!” in a hurry…it’s come a long, long way from kaiju eggs…

The Force Awakens #6
tfa6Thankfully, this issue begins with what would have been a crime to leave out:  Han reaches up and touches his son’s face, with a solemn, sad look on his own face, all while Ben’s lightsaber is still piercing him. He’s not angry; he doesn’t cry out or try to say anything, he’s just sad that this is what his son has come to…and I think, if Kilo ever has a moment of regret, a moment where he comes back from the darkness, into the light, this will be a memory that sparks that change…moving on (and I’m going to jump around to points of interest here, like I have been with this series, since we all know the story), I thought it was interesting how they emphasized the bleeding from Kilo’s bowcaster wound; it’s a lot more evident in the comic than it was in the movie. I was a little disappointed that, when Rey pulls the lightsaber to her instead of Kilo pulling it to himself, that he didn’t say, “It is you,” like he did in the novel, but there is a closeup panel of his face with a very knowing look on it, so I’ll take it…there are some very nice panels of the x-wings battling above Starkiller base, and I really like the last small panel after Rey closes her eyes to focus on the Force and opens them and you can see the reflection of Kilo and her lightsabers crossed in her eyes. Pretty powerful stuff. And, of course, Rey meeting Luke was fun to see again. It got those speculation juices flowing for what’s in store for us in Episode VIII…and that’s that…like I said, going forward, I probably won’t go for comic adaptations of films, but I’m not disappointed I picked up this series. It was good, just not really necessary.

So, that’ll do it for this week…is it me, or are these comic posts getting longer and longer? I guess I’ve just got increasingly more to say…anyway, what did you think? Are you already working on your samurai Terex cosplay for next year’s Celebration? Or do you think it’s corny that he’s an old-school Imperial? (I’ll admit, I was hoping for a much more checkered past, but I think we’ve just scratched the surface and will learn a lot more on Kaddak.) Do you think Corlac will have any significance going forward, or is he a throwaway character? And what of the comic adaptation of The Force Awakens as a whole? Are you glad you got it, or do you find it to be nonessential like I do? Will you get a comic adaptation of Rogue One, or Episode VIII? What if they made comic adaptations of novels, would you go for those? (I would be on board for those since they would add a visual element not present in novels.) Give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell Terex you’re a Resistance sympathizer with inside information on the First Order (don’t worry, though, if that’s really the case, I’ve got your back)…until next time, TWS out.


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