The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – Star Wars Comics Catch Up Extravaganza!

Marvel Star WarsOkay, so, yeah, I know, as far as being a “weekly” scoundrel, I’m failing mightily (though I’d argue that makes me a pretty spot-on scoundrel), but, just when I thought things were going to cool down and allow more time for writing, they decided to take it in another direction…such is life, I guess…anyway, I’m going to do my best to get back to normal from now on…or I’ll just change the name of my posts to the “occasional” scoundrel…either way, I’ll still be writing (hopefully) more often, so the posts you’ve been missing (or forgot about) will be back to fill your mind with a storm of electrical impulses and your heart with nearly unconditional Star Wars love…it’ll be great…and to start with, I’m going to catch up on the four Star Wars comics I haven’t had time to go over yet. They’re no Darth Vader #25, but there’s definitely some great Star Wars storytelling going on…

Han Solo #4
han-solo-4We begin by continuing Han’s struggle of self-perseverance vs. putting others first, as evidenced by his inner-monologue declaring himself as his first priority while he volunteers to be first in line to be shot by the latest new addition (the Cathar?). The scene quickly escalates and de-escalates as the other rebel passenger and some of the other race pilots all come to the “rescue.” (Han had it all under control, though, like he said, am I right?) Han then goes on a Dragon Void/Loo Re Anno backstory jaunt through the Falcon where he discovers that the race isn’t just a way to prove you’re the best pilot in the galaxy and earn a payday, but more of a pilot club where the members join together to push each other forward, bringing the best out of everyone – a state of mind that changed the very culture of Loo Re Anno’s people. We also find that she thinks Han is someone that’s out to become something more…whether she means as a distinguished member of the Dragon Void club or she knows more about what he’s up to than she’s letting on, we don’t know (though I think she has a pretty good idea of what he’s really up to)…moving on, Han rejoins the others to find everyone sitting around amiably, though distrust is the order of the day; before they can vet out each others’ motives, however, the race alert rings and we find out that the Falcon can’t lift off yet because the third rebel is already on their current planet and on the way. This weighs on Han as he wants to finish the race, to be part of the club, but also, more so, wants to finish his mission for the rebellion…for Leia…the Duros informant urges Han to leave as he’s sure the Cathar is up to no good, and, just when you think he’s right because there’s a group of troopers straight out of Rogue One coming after them, the Falcon gets two new passengers before taking off, rejoining the race, and jumping to hyperspace. During the hyperspace intermission, we find out that someone on the ship is a rat, and, just after emerging from hyperspace to an Imperial welcoming party, we find out said rat is also a murderer…now this is how you do a suspenseful cliffhanger…issue #5 is going to be one hell of a ride, but, before we find out for sure, here are a couple predictions:  the glowing orb “witnesses” that Loo Re Anno has as companions are somehow disembodied souls, or some such, of her relatives; Bot, the Duros, is the obvious choice for the traitor, but I think it’s going to be the Cathar – I think she made a deal for that “protection” she spoke of losing…in a few weeks, we’ll see if I’m right, but, in the meantime, I’d like to hear your predictions as well…

The Force Awakens #5
tfa5Okay, maybe this is a cop-out, but I don’t have a lot to say about this one…I still appreciate the revisit to the story, and it’s not a bad book by any means, but there’s just not much to talk about that hasn’t been said about The Force Awakens already…it’s basically a bromance, a rocky romance, sparing young powerhouses (in Rey & Kilo and Kilo & Hux), an old group of heroes getting the band back together, and one of the hardest scenes to take in (though I am disappointed the comic didn’t include Han reaching up to touch his son’s face, but maybe that’ll be how the next book begins). The one big bonus with this book vs. the movie, though, is getting to see Phasma actually fall into the garbage chute (I’m curious if we’ll see her escape as well). So, yeah, like I said, possible cop-out, but that’s really all I have to say about that (thanks, Forrest Gump).

Star Wars #24
star_wars_24_coverI have been looking forward to seeing SCAR Squadron in action again since their most excellent introduction issue…in truth, I’m still slightly rooting for them, even though I know they can’t possibly succeed…that’s the mark of some pretty stellar writing, if you ask me…anyway, this book starts with everyone but Sana seemingly oblivious to the obvious warning that trouble is coming in the form of an admiral having been tied to the nose of his ship. Instead of freaking out, which they should be, they’re all focused on fixing their practically totaled Star Destroyer; so much so, that they ignore the further warning of the canons going offline and the maintenance team coming up missing, and fairly nonchalantly (though Luke does say that they’re on “high alert”) send another team after them. While this is going on, Han and Leia are arguing, again (or still), it’s basically just business as usual since the last issue…that is until there’s an explosion on the bridge, Luke gets cut off from his team and socked in the cheek meat, his team starts taking fire, and R2 & 3PO encounter their own resistance. Basically all hell breaks loose. But then our rebels do what they do best and fight back:  Luke takes up his lightsaber against his unlikely old teacher, Han & Leia get back to having their Star Destroyer continue lumbering toward its destination, Chewie dive bombs the trooper with the droids, and one of Sana’s team comes up with the bright idea to open the airlock (which basically leaves her as the sole survivor of the team, with the troopers unscathed). Through it all, the stolen Star Destroyer successfully slams through a pair of its brethren, but that just about decimates everything the rebels had going for them, and everyone is too busy fighting off the various sects of the SCAR Squad to do anything to help that…oh, and just when you think the rebels couldn’t be in a tighter spot, we find out Vader is outside in his TIE Advanced, and we all know how well that generally works out for, well, anyone else…sure, I’ll admit that this issue moved things forward with the speed of the ruined Star Destroyer, but it was good fun, nonetheless. I would have liked to see SCAR Squadron in action more, but hopefully I’ll get my wish for that in the next issue…or it’ll be a full issue of Vader blasting anything not Imperial out of the sky (and maybe a few hapless Imperials that get in his way), and I think, seeing as how I’m already missing his solo comic, I’d be okay with that…

Poe Dameron #7
poe-dameron-7I haven’t exactly been shy about my general feeling of meh concerning this series, but the last issue was top-notch, and this one almost makes it seem like just another meh…yeah, I thought it was that good…I’m starting to wonder if I’m not just head over heels for “stand-alone” issues (makes me wonder if I’m not about to fall madly in love with Rogue One, which is less than two months away!). Anyway, we begin by seeing Poe enjoying an incredible, stormy view before being reacquainted with an old navy buddy…who just so happens to be an attractive, almost-Pantoran-looking, blue, female alien (as a side note:  dear story group, writers, concept artists, et al., there are other colors for aliens aside from blue; especially now that Chiss are a thing again, and the aforementioned Pantorans seem to be a popular choice, we could really use some diversity…why couldn’t this species be, I don’t know, orange? Or any color but blue?). So, we find out Miss Suralinda is now a journalist that’s apparently drawn the ire of some unsavory fellows, and what was supposed to be a relaxing social call is now a Han Solo-esque adventure, complete with a rad stormsailer chase (I’m really glad these ships ended up being more than part of the background, because they are legitimately badass). During the chase, Suralinda spills the beans that she’s got something good on none other than the First Order, but it’s information she’s looking to sell rather than offer freely…which seems fishy, but she explains it away fairly logically…all seems hunky-dory as we see Poe has out-piloted their pursuers, and Suralinda has secured transport off-world when those dastardly do-badders the First Order show up, shoot everyone in the bar (no witnesses, you know), and take Suralinda captive…as well as Poe since, you know, she yells for his help by using his full name…rookie mistake for a non-rookie…so now our hero and his companion are on the ropes:  Suralinda’s being interrogated by a First Order Security Bureau agent while Poe’s trying, in vain, to goad one of the troopers guarding him into fighting him for his freedom…doesn’t look good…but, as it turns out, Suralinda’s species, Squamatan, are sentient spitting cobras, so she dispatches her interrogator literally with both hands tied behind her back, uses his dropped knife to free herself, and then takes his blaster and shoots her way into where Poe’s being held to free him. Everything’s coming up good guys. From here, Poe steals the First Order’s shuttle and takes Suralinda to the Resistance base on D’Qar to tell Leia what she knows…which turns out to be exactly what she wanted from the get-go because her real intention on meeting Poe was uncovering the location of the Resistance’s secret base – she’d set the whole thing up…that is, except for the First Order stepping in, that was something she hadn’t expected, something that, once she saw their menace firsthand, she couldn’t ignore, so she gives up her sliced information about the Resistance base, quits her journalist job, and begs to join the Resistance in any way they’ll have her (Episode VIII cameo maybe?). It’s a great side story that was probably my favorite read of all four books in this post, and didn’t diminish the intrigue of the series as a whole concerning who the traitor is and who Terex was…I’m definitely looking forward to this series with a very much renewed vigor…

And there you have it! Four comics reviews to pour over…so what’d you think? Which was your favorite over the past few weeks? (Darth Vader #25 is the right answer, just saying…) How do you think the Han Solo series is going to end? What about the Force Awakens series, you think they’ll change the entire ending just for fun? (Just kidding, of course…) What do you think will happen with the SCAR Squadron? Will they all die aboard the fated Star Destroyer, or will they live to fight another day? (Or long enough for Vader to kill them for failing…) And what of Poe Dameron? Did you like his stand-alone adventure as much as I did, or did you see it as a dreaded “filler” issue? Give the books (yes, all four of them!) a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll well, I’m not sure what I’ll do…but you won’t like it! Anyway, until next time, TWS out.


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