The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – “Hope” & “He lives!” Or: Maul’s Return to Star Wars Rebels Season 3

I assume you all watched that episode of Rebels last night, yeah? (Or Saturday night, depending on your time zone and when I actually get this published…) Pretty bad ass, right? Right, okay, we agree, awesome, I knew we would…and, yeah, I get that a lot of people are jazzed about the idea of the “twin suns” being the secret to destroying the Sith, but I’m more interested in Maul’s vision, his search for “hope”…what does “hope” even mean for someone like Maul? What does someone who’s been through everything he’s been through hope for? Vengeance? Power? Immortality? All of the above? I’m going to postulate a few possible hopes for Maul based on his “he lives!” line following what was probably a partial vision of his would-be true “hope”…and, just as fair warning, these are all definitely old hopes, not a new hope, like the one Ezra saw…

Obi-wan Kenobi
starwars-clonewars-review-02Whether you’ve watched the Clone Wars or only seen Maul in his slightly-more-than-cameo role in The Phantom Menace, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Maul has a huge vendetta against the man I personally proclaim to be the greatest Jedi of all time, one Master Obi-wan Kenobi…I mean, a guy cuts you in half and ruins your chance to be the right hand man for the soon-to-be ruler of the galaxy and you’re gonna be at least a little cheesed, right? Of course…well, Maul takes it to the Nth degree, as dark-siders do, you know, absolutes and what not…anyway, that said, I think you can read into Maul’s “he lives!” line one of two ways:  he’s either excited that Obi-wan lived through the Jedi purge because it means that there’s still hope for him to exact his ultimate revenge, or the hope that he was long dead and thus unable to interfere in any way with his long-term plan was dashed by the realization that he did, in fact, still live…either way, I think Obi-wan being the “he” in Maul’s “he lives!” statement is the most obvious, most likely answer…is it the sexiest answer? No, we’ll get to those later, but it’s the answer I’d be surprised to find wasn’t correct…Maul’s anger and hatred for what Obi-wan did to him is essentially what kept him alive after been cut in half, it only stand to reason that his obsession with him would carry on until he was sure Obi-wan met the end he had tried to give Maul so long ago…

Darth Plagueis
plagueisOkay, first of all, this isn’t some kind of “Snoke is Plagueis!” thing…I don’t buy into that, it’s basically been debunked, we’re moving on…all I’m saying is Maul probably knew about Plagueis from Palpatine, so, if Maul’s “hope” was, let’s say, not to destroy the Sith like Ezra’s, but to replace them, it might be a blessing and/or a curse that not only did the Emperor and Vader stand in his way, but the existence of an even older Sith Lord means he has three potential people standing in his way rather than simply two…now, like I said, this could be a blessing as well since Plagueis is likely primed and ready for a little revenge of his own, and Maul could certainly use that to his advantage…the problem there is, though, what do you do with Plagueis once you’ve used him to meet your goal…kill him? He’s not likely to fall for that again, is he? And is Maul strong enough to do such a thing to a now on-guard Sith Lord that was so powerful he could keep people from dying? I have a feeling not…I also have a pretty certain feeling that Plagueis is definitely not the “he” to whom Maul is referring, but it sure would make it interesting if he was…just imagine the cans of worms that scenario would open…

The Emperor
darth-sidious-star-wars-the-clone-wars-25Hold on to your butts for this one, because it’s about to get crazy up in here…anyway, so, what if Maul’s “hope” was aligned with Ezra’s and they were both looking for signs that the Sith would be destroyed, except in Ezra’s he sees clues to the one who will ultimately fulfill that destiny, while Maul sees that, even though everyone thinks the Sith are over, they’re actually not…what if “he lives!” refers to his old master, the Emperor? What if his visions shows the Emperor not escaping his demise on the second Death Star, but being reborn somehow into another body…perhaps a young, female body on a distant, backwater, desert planet…huh? What’s that? I’ve really gone off the deep end this time? Yeah, I agree, this is speculation for entertainment in its purest form, but what if there’s even the tiniest inkling of truth to it…how insane would that be? I mean, the Emperor came back in the old EU, who’s to say that won’t happen again? He was an incredibly powerful Sith, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility…though, if we’re being honest, him coming back as Rey is about the most far-fetched thing I’ve probably ever bothered to type out (but, I mean, look at their fighting styles, they’re both pretty jabby, stabby where all other blade-wielders are slicey, dicey…just saying…), but the idea that, even in the distant future, Maul would still have to contend with his old master would definitely cause “he lives!” to ruin his vision of “hope” for the future…

And there it is, just like that, another post…so, you watched the episode, what do you think? What is Maul’s hope for the future, and what does the “he” in “he lives!” have to do with it? Is the “he” a stumbling block that Maul will have to deal with, or does the vision show him that, despite his best efforts to cause the contrary, “he lives!” anyway…who do you think said “he” is? Obi-wan? Plagueis? Palpatine? Someone else entirely? Perhaps someone we don’t even know, perhaps a secret someone that only Maul knows about (Snoke himself, perhaps?)? It’s so hard to tell (though I really do think it’s Obi-wan), and I imagine it’ll be a while before that curtain is pulled; much like getting a concrete answer to Ahsoka’s fate, I think this is going to be something we’ll have to wait quite a while to unravel…but, in the mean time, I have a feeling Thrawn is about to be front and center for, or, at least, within the next couple episodes, so surely that will distract us from desperately wanting to know who Maul’s “he” is…oh, before I forget, just a bit of quick housekeeping, I’ll more than likely be making my weekly posts on Sundays now instead of Fridays because I have a lot more free time on the weekends now instead of weekdays so it’s easier for me to work it in on Sunday…what’s that, you’re all ecstatic about that change? I just knew you would be…so, anyway, that’s all for me this week, be sure to tune in next week and see what other craziness we get involved in…hope to see you then!


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