TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Star Wars #23

Marvel Star WarsIt’s (a few days past) comic book day! So, yeah, I’m late…sorry. “Life gets in the way” has basically been my mantra for, well, a while now, but the past few weeks its ramped up even more…I’m not really complaining, mind you, it’s all been good stuff, but it also takes time away from things like writing about comics and other things Star Wars, which is a definite bummer…anyway, there’s a bit of a lull in the action on the page this week, but it’s a pretty fun read, nonetheless, so let’s cut the chatter, set s-foils to attack position and accelerate!

Star Wars #23
star-wars-23-coverSo, the gang stole a Star Destroyer, we know that – but this book starts off by telling us more about how they did it, and then why they did it, in two separate flashback segments before getting back where we are now:  which is stuck and without their commanding admiral. And, of course, in a situation like this, tempers run hot, and (again, of course) when tempers run hot you know Han and Leia will be at each other over something; this time, it’s command of their stolen vessel. So Han challenges Leia to a race to the bridge to claim the vacant captaincy…an idea that Leia, as you’d expect, says she finds “idiotic,” but then flips her rebuttal into a distraction so she can kick Han in the shin and take off toward the bridge. It’s a cute way to show how Han’s been chasing after Leia in a romantic sense by having him literally chase after her…while this is going down, Luke and Sana hop in a couple TIEs to check on an incoming target they then assume is the missing Admiral’s ship only to find said missing admiral tied to the outside (what a way to go, huh?)…Luke wants to tow the ship in and search for clues, but Sana, clearly having been in a situation like this before, blows the ship and tells their Star Destroyer to be on high alert…meanwhile, back inside, Han reaches the bridge only to find Leia beat him there afterall and is trying to put together what’s about to happen, which we, the lucky readers, see is the SCAR Troopers have sneaked aboard and are about to commence their mission to steal the Star Destroyer back…so, yeah, issue #24 and forward seem set up to be real humdingers, if you know what I mean (if you don’t look up “humdinger” so you can start using it yourself, it’s a really cool word)…

So what’d you guys think? Was it a decent book, even with the lack of action, or was it mostly filler? Did you like seeing “the courtship of Princess Leia” (get it?), or not so much? Did you guys like how Sana sees right through all their grade school bickering to what’s really going on? And what of Sana and Luck, do you think there’s any chance of romance there? I mean, they’re stuck together in a tense situation for who knows how long…things could happen? (I don’t think they will, but they could…you never know…) Anyway, give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll strap you to the hood of my Fiat and drive around Bakersfield…you won’t freeze to death, or, you know, not be able to breathe like in space, but it’ll be really hot and dusty…TWS out.


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