The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – 3 Things I’d Like to See in Rebels Season 3

star-wars-rebels-season-3-trailer-posterAlright, I’m back in the driver’s seat, bringing you the Star Wars content you so desperately desire! Okay, I know, “bringing you the Star Wars content you didn’t know existed” is more accurate, but let me pretend, dammit…anyway, with the premiere of season 3 of Star Wars Rebels just a week from tomorrow, I decided to make a quick wishlist of three things I’d like to see happen over the course of the season (three things in season 3, get it?). If the ysalamiri wasn’t already out of the bag, I’d probably list seeing Thrawn (or, more likely, Director Krennic since I thought he was the de facto Thrawn for the new canon), but since they dropped that bomb on us at Celebration I had to think a little more outside the box…or something…so, pull up a chair, sit back and relax and let’s see if you want to see what I want to see…

An Update on the Leonis Family
zare_leonisIf you haven’t read Jason Fry’s Servants of the Empire series you should go do that right now, and then come back…no, really, go, it’s that good; in fact, if you think of the whole series as one larger book, it’s easily in the top three among new canon novels…also, if you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading…right…now…okay, anyway, the last we saw of Zare and Dhara Leonis, they had just arrived safely on Garel after Dhara was rescued from her transformation into an inquisitor by Zare and Co…so, then what? There’s a clearly unstable, but possibly quite powerful Force user under the assumed protection of the same group of rebels that the Ghost crew is involved with, so I’d think, if no one else, Kanan would want to at least help her and perhaps, eventually, try to train her as he has with Ezra…though I suppose, all things considered with the way Ezra seems to be headed, Kanan might be a little leery about his own ability as a master…regardless of how her story goes, however, I’d definitely like to get some kind of update on what she, Zare, and the rest of the Servants of the Empire characters have been up to…it’d be really disappointing if they got lost in the shuffle.

Insight into the Inquisitorius
inquisitoriusAs cool as the Ghost crew, Phoenix Squadron, and the old Clone Wars characters are, for my money, the introduction of the inquisitors is the single most-interesting thing about Rebels. I love the paradoxical notion that they’re dark side Force users that are trained enough to hunt down other Force users…at some point you’d assume one of them would sit down and think, “if we fulfill our mission, will we then hunt each other into extinction?” It’s another example of the Empire using people as tools, albeit really cool tools…but what of it? Is that really all there is to it? I wanted more background on the inquisitors as part of my wishlist for season two, but didn’t really get it, so I’m throwing it out there again for season three…I want answers to questions like:  why did the Inquisitorius start? Who’s teaching them to use the Force? How many are there? I would assume we haven’t seen them all based on their cryptic brother/sister number system, but maybe we have; maybe “Twilight of the Apprentice” marked the last we’ll see of the inquisitors…I really hope not…but, if that wasn’t the last of them, what is their end-game? Are they really meant to be the expendable tools I think they are? We don’t see them in the original trilogy and haven’t heard about them since, so I’m really hoping for a sort of watershed moment for the inquisitors in season three, or at least a good bit of background information to answer some of the questions I’ve been asking for, oh, years now…

A Definitive End for Ahsoka
ahsoka-ghostI know, I know, sometimes what you don’t know makes things more interesting than knowing everything, but, in this case, I want to know her fate…it’s been like a roller coaster since the season two finale:  at first, I thought she was dead and we were seeing her fall forward, down into the depths of a metaphorical underworld, but then the panel at Celebration happened and Dave Filoni pretty much closed the door on that theory with the Topps card series (you can read more about that here, if you’re interested)…so, sure, I’ve got my opinions, ideas, and speculations, but with all the buzz and the #AhsokaLives crown in full swing, I just want to know what really happened…did she die? If not, did Anakin spare her? Did he show that early that Vader hadn’t truly consumed Anakin? And if she did, is she just dead, or will she be some kind of quasi Force ghost or a stand-in for the Daughter of Mortis? Long story short:  what happened in that temple, and what became of Ahsoka? Just tell me…TELL ME NOW!

And that’s all, folks! Well, I mean, I guess if I had to pick a forth, honorable mention, it would be to see Ezra go dark, join Maul, destroy the Ghost crew and, eventually, be destroyed in turn by Vader…but I don’t see that happening (I’m only kidding anyway…half kidding…maybe like 33% kidding)…anyway, what do you think? What three things would you like to see in the upcoming season? Do you agree completely with my three choices, or are they all ridiculous and I clearly should be looking forward to your list? Hey, that could be the case, but I’ll never know unless you share your list, so please do so in the comments below and we’ll keep the conversation going right up until the premiere. And, hopefully, I’ll be back to being a truly weekly Weekly Scoundrel for the foreseeable future, so you can relax, the highlight of your week should be back to a regular thing (yes, I know you couldn’t care less, geez, let me have my dreams!)…


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