TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – The Force Awakens #4

Marvel Star WarsOkay, let me start by apologizing to my regular readers (i.e. nobody) for taking two weeks off from my Friday post…I’m sure you’ve been adrift in a sea of sadness and confusion, but life handed me some lemons and I don’t like lemonade so I had to come up with other ways to deal with them and it, unfortunately, meant stealing from writing time…now, with that out of the way, let’s move on to comics! This was, by a wide margin, the best book in the retelling of The Force Awakens so far; if I’d been turning actual pages and not simply swiping across my Kindle Fire, I’d have done serious damage to the book’s mint condition status…it was a first-class page-turner with so much going on…for the purposes of this post, though, I’m going to concentrate solely on the section about Rey’s vision because, like I’ve said before, we all know how the story goes…

The Force Awakens #4
tfa4Alright, so, Rey picks up the lightsaber and right off the bat we not only get the telltale breathing of the infamous Dark Lord of the Sith, but Rey actually sees him (or at least a silhouette of him, but, regardless, anything is more than she sees in the movie). Now, I’m not sure if they did this because they thought their “kssh kosh” onomatopoeia wouldn’t be recognizable enough as Vader’s breathing for the readers, or if we’re to read into it (as I am) to mean that she actually saw Vader in some form or another…in my opinion, that’s huge; it gives the vision a sort of narrative, as if the Force is saying through the lightsaber that “this is what Luke faced when he was first learning to command my power,” and then it later shows her Kylo Ren as if to say “this is what you’ll be facing.” Pretty intense stuff that changes the whole mood of the vision, and, granted, a lot to infer from one tiny panel of a comic, but, hey, isn’t that what blog posts are for? Anyway, moving on, I like how they included shadowed versions of Yoda and Obi-wan outside of the panels; that was a clever way to show that the Force was speaking through their words without including them in a way that would make crazy fans (like me) assume she saw them in her vision as well…now, perhaps even more interesting than Vader’s appearance is the dialogue just to the left of shadowy Obi-wan:  “You will be tempted. But you can learn. The Force will be with you…the dark side…the Jedi…you will do it alone…” Say what?!?! You can read into this a couple ways, well, probably several, but I’m going to swing it this way:  the Force is telling her that neither side is right, or where she belongs; it’s saying she’ll be tempted by both the dark side, i.e. when she’s gripped by fear and anger when fighting Kylo and he tells her he could teach her, and by the Jedi, meaning when she returns the lightsaber to Luke…that’s not to say that finding Luke and being taught to use the Force from him is a bad thing, I think it just means she shouldn’t be tempted to follow the old Jedi path; once she’s trained, she has to do her own thing, alone…it’s like the Force telling her she needs to be a parallel of what Snoke is trying to make of Kylo Ren, someone who can harness both the light and the dark, but instead of being manipulated like Kylo is into using that unique gift for evil, Rey needs to break free from any ties and harness that power alone for the greater good, the will of the Force, not for the purposes of either the dark side or the Jedi…

Boom! So, what do you think? Am I off my nut and there’s nothing in there that changes the vision from the movie at all? Or, further, is anything that might change the conversation null and void because it’s just a comic and who cares? Or…am I right and this is big news to be discussed at length around the gigantic internet water cooler? Well, which is it? And, regardless of what you really think, pretend you’re crazy like me for a hot second and go all-in on the comic opening up new discussions then tell me what you think of the dialogue I quoted:  does it mean Rey should reject Luke’s teachings and go it completely alone, or does it mean Luke’s going to get killed and she’ll have to be alone? Or was I right and it just means she shouldn’t choose to be tempted too far one way or the other? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll make sure that every night you have a Force vision of Unkar Plutt buck naked giving you a perpetual lap dance…you don’t want that…or, I guess if I get no comments, I’ll have to assume you do…interesting…TWS out.


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