TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Poe Dameron #6

Marvel Star WarsIt’s Wednesday once again, ladies and gentlemen, and this week we got another installment of the Poe Dameron series (which I may or may not have referred to as a miniseries previously, because I thought it was, but it’s not…sorry for any confusion). This issue turns the action up to 11 as the “Lockdown” story line wraps up, and the series appears to be headed for deeper, darker waters…overall, a very good read, and easily one of, if not the, best books in the series so far…so let’s talk about it!

Poe Dameron #6
poe6So, the setup is we have the droid heroes on the prison station trying to go David vs. Goliath, and Black Squadron on the surface trying to take on a large portion of the prison population…it’s a fairly bleak outlook, but, as protagonists do, they pull through:  BB-8 headshots the megadroid with one of his cable attachments and reels himself toward him with his electrozapper ready to fry his circuits, and then he and the remaining astromechs turn off the gravity field on the surface so everyone but Black Squadron, who each have gravity belts as part of their master plan, is pinned to the ground like a sumo wrestler’s sitting on them. As far as plans go, I’d give it an A+ since it wasn’t something boring like the droids sliced into the system just to open the door to Grakkus’s compound so Poe & Co. could get in, and it wasn’t something over-the-top like each prisoner has some kind of chip implanted in them and the droids programmed them all to act like little kittens…anyway, of course they’ve brought a spare gravity belt for Grakkus (XXXXXXXXXXL, I’m sure) so they can then leave the surface with retaliative ease. Everything is going well, too well, so, to remedy that, Terex calls the Carrion Spike to him remotely to pick him up to, I assumed initially, give chase, but turns out his plan was to spear the prison station with his ship and then annihilate the ships leaving as a means to lure Poe back…I thought Terex was just being a bitter asshole because he lost and taking out not only the prisoners but the warden and everyone else as well to feel better about himself (and, I mean, he did basically do that too, that just wasn’t the main impetus behind his action), but he was actually creating a situation he knew Poe couldn’t resist…which would have been brilliant had he brought along a Star Destroyer with a full contingent of TIEs, but, as the Carrion Spike alone, it didn’t turn out so well and he ended up having to run with his tail between his legs…so, the prison portion of the story is over, the Resistance got the information they needed from Grakkus to continue their search for Lor San Tekka, but, it’ll do them no good if the spy in Black Squadron just hands that information right over to Terex, thus, going forward, we dip into the deeper, darker waters that I referred to in the intro concerning a traitor in the ranks…oh, and Terex hung up on Phasma because he’s such a badass…who is this guy? I’m starting to want a Terex miniseries just so his backstory can be fully explored…

Alright, there it is, a second story arc in the Poe series wrapped up. I wasn’t a huge fan of this series at first; the weird egg worshiper arc was meh and this one moved kinda slowly, but this book turned it around and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things shake out in this next traitor arc…so, what’d you think? Was it a good end to the “Lockdown” story, or did something leave a bad taste in your mouth? Speaking of bad tastes, what do you think Hutt tastes like, and would you ever try it? Do you think Papa Toren will ever get revenge for his fairy creature? Who do you think Terex was that makes him so well-connected to the underworld? And who do you think the spy in Black Squadron is? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell Phasma that you’re the one that hung up on her, not Terex, and you’ll have to face the full force of an angry Captain…doesn’t sound fun to me…until next time, TWS out.

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