TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Star Wars #22 + The Force Awakens #3

Marvel Star WarsIt’s comic book day! I think I’m going to see about getting “hump day” officially changed to “comic book day” in popular vernacular…that seems doable, right? Yeah, probably not, but oh well…anyway, two pretty good books today, including the best issue of The Force Awakens series yet, so hold on to your butts, ’cause I’m blasting my way right into the good stuff!

Star Wars #22
Star_Wars_22_final_coverSo, if you heard any preview information about this issue, you knew our beloved rebels were attempting to steal a Star Destroyer…but if you read the book blind, you didn’t, and I honestly think, based on the way the book was written, knowing it was all a ploy to steal the ship beforehand was a little spoilery, though it didn’t ruin it or anything, so I guess it’s okay…the book definitely leads you to believe initially that they’re trying to blow it up, for sure, and that made for an interesting story about how they ended up stealing it that didn’t seem tired or obvious, which I appreciate immensely. Even though I knew what was coming, I didn’t see it coming, so it was a fun read. I really like the stereotypically-evil-looking admiral in this issue, complete with old-school villain mustache and eye patch. (I really like how he decided to go Imperial harakiri when he heard Vader wanted a word too.) Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sana still in the mix. I didn’t think we’d seen the last of her just yet, but I didn’t expect her to be part of the dream team. It’ll be very interesting to see what becomes of her character (if anyone’s thinking “omg she’s probably Finn’s mom!” I’m seriously going to punch you if I ever find out). So, overall, enjoyable issue with good action and a well-thought-out plan that leaves the reader (I mean, it did for me anyway) extremely curious as to what the end-game is for the stolen vessel and how the SCAR Troopers are going to stop them (or attempt to stop them…I’m telling you, ever since issue #21 I’m rooting for them…@TheApexFan would be so proud…).

The Force Awakens #3
Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-3-1We really start to get into the meat and potatoes of the new saga at this point, and the issue doesn’t disappoint:  the pages practically turn themselves as you’re pulled right into the story, and, for me anyway, it really gave me back a little of that excited feeling I had when I first watched the new movie in the theater, so definitely A+ for that. What I like most about this series is being able to revisit The Force Awakens in small pieces and allowing myself to think about different story moments that might get usurped by later moments when watching the movie in its entirety. In this issue, I was left pondering two things:  1) it’s interesting how throughout the previous six saga films, everyone was trying to resist the pull to the dark, but Kylo struggles to resist being pulled to the light; does that mean that he’s inherently a good person and has to exert continued effort to call on the dark side, or is it more of the Force always trying to be in balance and, because the Jedi leaned so far to the light side, the darkness was always pulling at them to balance it out, thus Kylo’s leaning so far into the dark side that the light is trying to balance him out. 2) What did Darth Vader show his grandson the first time? Kylo says, “show me again the power of the darkness,” so, and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here, Vader must have shown him something before to make him ask to see it again; did Kylo have a Force vision much like Rey’s when she touches the lightsaber when Kylo first touched Vader’s charred helmet, or perhaps something else of Vader’s Luke happened to have kept? Or is it all part of Snoke’s seduction, and he’s the one actually responsible for showing Kylo the power of the darkness…so many questions, so few answers…I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue when we see Rey’s aforementioned Force vision occur slowly on the page versus quickly on-screen…

BLAMO! Another comic book day bites the dust…so, what’d you think? Did the plan to steal the Star Destroyer read as a new, creative mission, or was it a tried old cliche? (I’ve read that stealing Star Destroyers was kind of a legends trope, but I only read about 20% of legends so I found it to be a cool way to go about doing it…if the same plan from issue #22 had already been done in legends then, well, I guess ignorance is bliss.) What did you think of Sana still tagging along, cool or forced? And how ’bout that dashingly-handsome Imperial admiral, huh? Too bad he’s toast…anyway, what do you think is in store for us in issue #23? I’d ask what you think is in store for The Force Awakens #4 too, but that seems kinda dumb, so, instead, what was your favorite part of the film to revisit with this issue? Do you agree it’s all about Kylo, or did you find other parts more intriguing? Give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll have admiral pirate face chase you down with his borrowed blaster before he turns it on himself…he’ll do it too, he’s got nothing left to lose…until next time, TWS out.


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