The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – Who Should Get Their Own Novel?

With new novels about Ahsoka and Thrawn coming soon, and Tarkin, and to a lesser extent Kanan, Luke and Ventress, already having their own, I started to think about which characters I’d like to see get their own books. My first thought was, “well, everyone, duh,” but that doesn’t make for a very good blog post, so I decided to whittle it down to three choices, because, you know, that’s kind of the format I use here…so, who will I choose? There’s no need to vex about it, just click below and find out!

EmboIf you’ve read enough of my stuff, you probably already guessed this one because I love Embo. In my opinion, he’s the best bounty hunter in Clone Wars…yup, better than Boba Fett, and even better than the sharp-dressed Duros, Cad Bane. Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed he hasn’t showed up in Rebels yet, but that would make me a little bit of a hypocrite since I’ve been known to mention on occasion that Rebels maybe borrows a little too much from Clone Wars…anyway, much like Dark Disciple carries on Asajj Ventress’s story where the cartoon leaves off, I’d like to see a novel that details a big bounty mission that Embo and Marrok embark on post-Clone Wars. Maybe something that puts him either at odds or teamed up with my other favorite bounty hunter, Krrsantan. How cool would that be? (Del Ray Books, if you’re reading this, feel free to use that; no acknowledgement necessary.) Now, if I’m being honest, this would probably work better as a comic than a book, but I’m greedy and I imagine I’d only get a five-issue mini-series out of something like this and that’s not enough Embo…though I’d much rather have that than nothing…

Sheev Palpatine
sheevpalpsC’mon, who doesn’t want to read about little Sheevie poo?!?! Okay, seriously though, I’d love a book about young Palpatine. I’m insanely curious how someone starts down the path toward galactic domination. Did he always have that lust for power gleaming in his eyes and that’s how Plagueis found him, or did he start out as a Jedi youngling before being courted? With enough power and influence (the kind of power and influence the Sith tend to have), they could easily have created the entire Palpatine persona – Sheev could very well not even be Sheev…whoa…mind blown…really, though, what we know about Palpatine, one of the most interesting, powerful figures in all of Star Wars, before he was a senator for Naboo, is basically nothing, and that is almost sinful. I’d wager there are enough stories out there pre-Episode I that someone could write an entire trilogy about Palpatine, and I think that would be a great idea.

Supreme Leader Snoke
Snoke_HeadshotI would be shocked if Snoke isn’t on just about everyone’s top three list of characters they’d like to know more about…or, specifically in his case, anything about…I mean, who is this guy? Who was this guy? How did he go from being some kind of Force-using galactic watcher to the leader of the First Order and, perhaps, the leader of the Knights of Ren? How did he get his face all jacked up? Is he a survivor of the old wars between the Sith and the Jedi? Or some other Force factions from the time even before the Old Republic? Oh, and is he really huge like he appears to be, or is that a Wizard of Oz trick with the holo and he’s really a tiny, Yoda-like creature? Yeah, I know there are several theories out there (and I’ve come up with some of my own as well), but all that aside, I want to know who he “really” is. I have a feeling, though, not much light will be shined on Snoke outside of the saga movies until after Episode IX…and I can live with that…I may fuss about it, but I can live with it.

And, just like that, there’s my piece for this week. So what three characters would you like to see get their own book? And would you rather it be background information, or a story about them after you saw them last? Would it be someone that’s currently in canon, or would you bring one of your favorites from legends back? (As far as that goes, I’d definitely put Revan straight to the top of the list of characters from legends I’d like to see brought back into canon.) Or maybe you don’t read the books so you don’t want one of your favorite characters to be brought to that medium because then you’d have to read a yucky book, ew…that’s a dumb one because anyone who’d read this entire post probably isn’t averse to books…anyway, let me know what your top three would be in the comments, or, as usual, I’ll just assume no comments means everyone agrees with me and is just waiting for more of my brilliance next week…


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