TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Poe Dameron #5

Marvel Star WarsHappy comic book day! This week, it’s another installment of what, for me, has been a pretty up and down Poe Dameron series. If I’m being perfectly honest, I like it, but I don’t love it…which is disappointing because this is the era in Star Wars that is most interesting to me right now (until we start getting some new canon Old Republic-era stories, then those will more than likely usurp the post-RotJ-era stuff…because all hail the Old Republic)…anyway, I think that’s a sufficient intro, so let’s get to the comic!

Poe Dameron #5
Poe5Alright, so, Black Squadron finds itself pitted against new First Order rival Agent Terex in the cool concept prison with a silly name:  whichever side breaks Grakkus out of prison first wins the “where in the wold is Lor San Tekka” prize. We start this issue with the two main players, Poe and Terex, leaving their meeting with Grakkus, and, interestingly, Terex strolls right out into the angry mob of prisoners outside and gets immediately…bowed down to? What? I don’t know if it’s intentional or just my opinion, but Terex is the most compelling character in this series. I want to know who he is, who he was, why he has the Carrion Spike, how he got it, how he got involved with the First Order, and probably a myriad of other questions I just can’t think of right now…as for Poe, the character I feel like I should be more vested in, I just want to know when he’ll be back in his X-wing because that’s where he really shines…anyway, then we get into what this issue is mainly about, and that’s each side putting their plans into motion; for Terex, it’s scheming, backstabbing, betrayal, and violence, and for Poe, as it is so often for the “good” guys in Star Wars, it’s “let the astromechs save the day.” This series is full of callbacks to other Star Wars content, with references to the Carrion Spike, as I mentioned, Grakkus, and now Papa Toren, which I simultaneously like and roll my eyes at because it both helps to weave the different stories together into one connected narrative, but also leads to symptoms of “small galaxy syndrome”…but I think it still falls mostly on the cool side of the spectrum as of now, so I’ll leave it at that…so, Terex rallies some underbosses to his cause and storms Grakkus’s complex, leaving Poe and Black Squadron to try to defend themselves without their weapons, while the droids do their best to complete their mission while faced with a giant, sentinel-like droid that crushes one of them like a bug and casts it aside…overall not that interesting an issue, but #6 should be an action-packed page-turner…I’m especially curious to see how David (BB-8) bests Goliath (the sentinel droid), and to find out what they’re trying to accomplish up there…

And that’s that, folks! Not the best book, for sure, but not the worst either, and, as I’ve said before, with this format of getting small pieces of larger stories, sometimes you end up with “setup” issues that lead to greater things down the road, so we’ll see what the next issue has in store for us…as far as this issue goes, though, what do you think of Terex, pretty bad ass, right? Why do you think the prisoners bowed down to him like that? Was he some kind of major crime lord before joining the First Order? And how do you think he got the Carrion Spike? Was it in an Imperial storage locker and he called finders keepers? What do you think of the callbacks to other content, yay or nay? Who would you like to see show up in the prison next? (If there is a right answer to that question, it’s Hondo.) Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll call Terex and have him drop the Carrion Spike’s payload on your house…all your Star Wars collectibles go boom…until next time, TWS out.


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