TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Darth Vader #24

Marvel Star WarsOh snap, I was kinda right when I predicted a Vader dream-state issue! Though, to be honest, it wasn’t that hard as far as predictions go, the preview lead right to it…but, I was right, just the same…anyway, pretty stellar issue this week with a rather surprising moment at the end that is going to make the finale very, very interesting…so, put on your swim cap and goggles because we’re about to dive right in! (That’s an Olympics reference, get it?)

Darth Vader #24
Vader24So, we start with Vader in a deactivated suit and panels that zero in on the emotionless, black eyes of his mask only to become Anakin’s dark side-tinged red and yellow eyes from when he was last without the suit, dismembered and about to be burned alive on Mustafar; and it appears that we’re going to get a flashback of his interaction with Obi-Wan, but then the dialogue goes off-course…at first I thought they were just paraphrasing or something, but it turns out we’re getting a different account of how things might have happened…initially, I thought this was Vader wishing he’d been killed as Anakin, lamenting what he’d become, but it turns out that wanting Anakin to be killed was symbolic of wanting to destroy that part of his life; it’s as if he’s saying that with Anakin dead, Vader could rise from the ashes, phoenix-style, being reborn better without Obi-wan. Then, with that demon conquered, he moves on to himself, another demon he dispatches quite handily (after a weird couple panels where they were both red silhouettes that I didn’t really care for) while uttering the line, “I am well accustomed to killing children,” you know, just in case you forgot he eradicated all the younglings…then comes the real test, Padme…she begs him to let go, to stay with her, but, instead of dwelling on what could have been, he Force chokes her once again, this time not rashly out of anger, but deliberately out of anger, his overwhelming anger over how weak Anakin was, and uses that to overcome his deactivated suit, restoring himself with the Force and taking out Cylo via pointblank lightsaber to the chest…good times…then, since Cylo is a cylon, he comes back aboard one of his whale ships and attempts to flee while we see Vader begin to give chase in his TIE Advanced while informing the Emperor…then, in the last panel, we see the always scampish Dr. Aphra, who appears to have sneaked her way into the Emperor’s throne room (with the droids’ help, I’m sure), offer the Emperor information he “needs” to know…finally, they nailed the cliffhanger…I’m so looking forward to seeing how this series ends…

And there you have it! Unfortunately, there was only one book this week, but it was a great one, so I don’t have any real complaints…I am definitely looking forward to #25, though it is bittersweet to see my favorite series come to an end…so, what’d you think of the flashback/dream sequence? Did it go how you thought, or was it way different? (I thought for sure he was going to long for what could have been instead of embracing what he was.) Were you surprised, given a pseudo second chance, that he still choked Padme? Did you like the way he killed Cylo, or were you hoping for a decapitation? (I was!) What do you think’s going to happen to Dr. Aphra? Will she make it out of the series or no? Will the Emperor hear her out or just kill her? What about the droids, what do you think their fates will be? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll drop one of Cylo’s whale ships on your car next time you’re out joyriding…that’s probably overkill, but, you know, go big or go home…until next time, TWS out.


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