TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Han Solo #3

Marvel Star WarsIt’s one Han of a comic book day! (Sorry, I came up with that and it made me laugh so I used it…I know it’s bad, but I just couldn’t help myself.) And, in a shocking twist, almost all the questions from last week’s episode remain unanswered! Yeah, I know that’s not really shocking, I was being sarcastic…sometimes that doesn’t translate well without tone of voice and gratuitous eye-rolling…anyway, we did find out some things and moved the story along swimmingly, so it was definitely a good book; I’m just really curious about those glowing orb creatures, so I’m grumpy that remains unanswered (amg spoilers!)…but that’s enough of a lead-in, let’s get to the good stuff!
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The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – The Force & Balance

Way back when there wasn’t an “original trilogy” and there was just “the Star Wars movies,” I thought the Force was something good and pure that the Jedi used correctly, and the Sith misused for their own evil agendas. It was a simpler time when the Force was merely a tool to be wielded and not the more complex entity it is today; and what was the first thing that really started to broaden the Force’s horizons? The idea of “bringing balance to the Force.” A vague prophecy that even Yoda thought the Jedi may have misinterpreted, but one that I, nevertheless, am going to attempt to solve in this post (okay, not really “solve” so much as babble on about). So if you like the Force, and you like babble, this is the blog you’re looking for…
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TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Star Wars #22 + The Force Awakens #3

Marvel Star WarsIt’s comic book day! I think I’m going to see about getting “hump day” officially changed to “comic book day” in popular vernacular…that seems doable, right? Yeah, probably not, but oh well…anyway, two pretty good books today, including the best issue of The Force Awakens series yet, so hold on to your butts, ’cause I’m blasting my way right into the good stuff!
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Good News, TGR is under new management




As of August 21st, TGR is now The Channel Star Wars Hour Podcast. Our bloggers will continue to place great nerd guru content here.  Then, in the fall, this site will be merged with Channel Star Wars.  But do not despair, all past and present content will make the move with us so nobody’s hard work will be lost in cyberspace.  Additionally, all our bloggers can continue to contribute to Channel Star Wars after the merge.

Sadly, all podcasts that were under TGR Entertainment will not be making the move to Channel Star Wars.  They can continue to broadcast but only under their own respective names and outlets.

If you have any questions contact


The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – Who Should Get Their Own Novel?

With new novels about Ahsoka and Thrawn coming soon, and Tarkin, and to a lesser extent Kanan, Luke and Ventress, already having their own, I started to think about which characters I’d like to see get their own books. My first thought was, “well, everyone, duh,” but that doesn’t make for a very good blog post, so I decided to whittle it down to three choices, because, you know, that’s kind of the format I use here…so, who will I choose? There’s no need to vex about it, just click below and find out!
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