TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – The Force Awakens #2

Marvel Star WarsIt’s comic book day again, friends, and, while I’d rather be reading about the continued adventures of Task Force 99, revisiting The Force Awakens in a third medium is by no means a bad way to start your day. So, yeah, not much else to say…have you seen The Force Awakens, by the way? It’s pretty good; I highly recommend it…anyway, let’s talk comics!

The Force Awakens #2
MarvelTFA2Alright, there’s really no need to go over the story here, so I’m just going to point out a few things that I thought were noteworthy:  1) While it may have simply been the only way to ensure Kylo Ren gets a little ink time in this issue and not something to be read into, I’m going to assume that it’s significant that the scene where Mr. Ren receives word that a girl aided in the escape of BB-8 and consequently pulls the messenger to him to choke him out while asking “what girl?” was not cut. It seems fairly unnecessary to me unless we’re to get a sense early on that Kylo knows something about a girl from Jakku (again, this could just be me reading too much into this and they simply wanted to make sure the readers know that the First Order knows that they escaped…though that also becomes known when Bala-tik says the First Order is looking for a droid like BB-8 and two fugitives, so…). 2) I liked that they included BB-8’s “thumbs” up. 3) “Chewie…we’re home.” 4) The definite highlight of the book is when Rey says, “You’re Han Solo.” And then we see a montage of Han’s past accomplishments with the Rebellion, ending with his and Leia’s kiss from The Empire Strikes Back. It’s a powerful moment of reflection that’s really brought to life in the comic in a way neither the movie nor the book were able to accomplish; it’s brilliant work. 5) “Tell that to Kanjiklub.” And then we end with Finn about to be savagely torn to pieces by a rathtar…or is he?!?!

Yeah, I know, technically that’s more than “a few” things I thought were noteworthy, but that just means that you got more than you paid for, right? Or something…anyway, what’d you think of the book? Was there something else awesome, significant, interesting, provocative, etc. that I missed? Are you enjoying this retelling of The Force Awakens, or are you saving your dollars for other Star Wars-related expenditures? Well, if you did get a copy, give it a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll send my roly poly rathtar in your direction and tell him you said his momma was so ugly she makes Jabba the Hutt look like Queen Amidala…until next time, TWS out.


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