The Story Group Strikes Back


Not so long ago I wrote a blog about what sort of connections/tie-ins we’ll see in the upcoming Rogue One film—connections that mainly involved characters and /or events from Star Wars Rebels. Makes sense right? I mean Rebels and Rogue One take place very near each other in the new canons timeline. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who thought of this idea. With the recent revelation that there is indeed a connection between Rogue One and Star Wars Clone Wars, my mind was blown. I immediately realized that what us fans think should happen in the Star Wars Universe and what the creators/story group have planned, is on two completely different planes, and this makes me very happy.
Why does this make me happy? It makes me happy because A) It goes to show that the story group is making an effort to connect the films to the other media, I. E. comics and books. B) It makes me feel that they really have an idea where this is going and aren’t just making it up as they go. It makes me feel confident in their goals as storytellers. Just think, of all the characters to have in Rogue One, there are so many obvious answers; Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, or any other member of the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels. I know some out there that apparently have more insight than I will ever have, picked Saw Gerrera to be in Rogue One. I, for one, would never have guessed it. It just floors me that this is happening. I guess from what I’ve heard is that Rogue One director, Gareth Edwards needed a character that pushed the limits of what the rebellion will do, and fortunately the story group had such a character already in stock, in Saw Gerrera. I’ll admit, if you’re a casual Star Wars fan, the name Saw Gerrera probably doesn’t stir up any emotions. I even thought, hmmm that’s an interesting character to choose from.
The cool thing is if you want to go back and learn more about this freedom fighter you can catch him on season 5 of Clone Wars, which is available on Netflix. I believe the episodes with Saw are during the first few episodes. But if you don’t want to do that you won’t be missing out on anything too important. Then why choose this guy? Why not just make up a new character? That’s the whole point of the story group—to make those connections when the opportunity arises. I just can’t get over how the fans, myself included, casually pick the most obvious answer to who should appear in Rogue One—and then bam what?! In from left field comes Mr. Gerrera. I love it! It would be super cool if he mentions events that happened during the Clone Wars, maybe even a mention of an Anakin Skywalker. It really makes me look forward to the next character to make the jump from animation to live action, or vice versa. I also had a thought that if there was a cross over from animated to live action, that it would be easier to animate a real person than go from animation to real actor. But again, Lucasfilm denounces this theory and does the opposite.
There have been characters that have made the transition from comics to film, such as Quilan Vos and Aayla Secura, who both originated in comic form before they appeared in the prequels, and then eventually made it to Clone Wars. It kind of made me wonder why fans weren’t as excited about that as they are about this. I figured it’s because the comics that they appeared in are all part of the Legends banner now, and this new canon still has to prove itself to some. I won’t go there…
Anyway, another bit of news going around is that Season 3 of Rebels will have tie-ins to Episode VIII. I’m calling it now—we are going to learn more about Malachor and the Knights of Ren in Season 3 of Rebels.
Nah that’s too obvious.

What do you think? Leave comments I love discussing Star Wars any day or night.
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One thought on “The Story Group Strikes Back

  1. Personally, I’m glad it’s someone like Saw that’s made the transition to the big screen rather than someone from Rebels because I think that would handcuff the creativity of the Rebels crew since they’d have to constantly be thinking about how to bridge the gap between their series and Rogue One. Adding someone whose story was otherwise complete makes perfect sense. And as far as a Rebels character showing up in Episode VIII, well, I don’t put much stock in that rumor, but, if it does happen, I hope it’s an ancillary character, maybe someone that cameos in season 3 just for grins and giggles, and not one of the ghost crew…I like tie-ins, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to get into the whole “small universe” issue where, in an immense galaxy of nearly limitless systems of planets, only a handful of people are involved in the major events…but that’s just my opinion, it seems like some people want every single character to be related to someone else…


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