TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Darth Vader #22

Marvel Star WarsOh my god, I’m back again! Okay, anyway, this week we edge closer to the conclusion of my favorite comic series so far, Darth Vader. Unfortunately, as I predicted, this book seems a little drug out, with the predictable things happening and a quasi cliffhanger ending added in for a little spice (not that kind of spice, you moof-milker)…that said, though, it was a visually appealing book, especially since it included several panels of rancor action, which just so happens to be my favorite Star Wars creature. So, enough tiptoeing around the spoilers, let’s get this party started!

Darth Vader #22
s-l225Okay, so, this should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway:  from the get-go with this, and all the major series (series…serieses…whatever), we know the main characters are going to be fine; it’s never a matter of “oh man, are they going to survive this!?!?” but, rather, “oh man, how are they going to survive this?” That was the case when we left off with Vader vs. the super-rancor in the last issue, and Vader vs. the exploding ship in this issue…he’s obviously not going to die, but how’s he going to get out of whatever ominous scenario befalls him…in this case, by slicing and saber-throwing his way to victory, of course, which is always a fun time (for Vader and the reader, clearly not for victim).  It was a little disappointing that Voidgazer basically told him how to beat the rancor just before he did it, but I guess they didn’t have time for Vader to simply use brute force (or Force) or trial and error. So, the rancor dies, and shortly thereafter Voidgazer follow suite, but, wait, what’s this? Oh no, there’s a trap that’s been set for some time now that’s finally being sprung! I’m sincerely hoping that’s just some kind of knock-out gas and not a poison, because if that’s how Dr. Aphra ends up dying I am going to be royally pissed…she deserves a quick death by lightsaber like they agreed upon, not to be accidentally killed by the actions of the cyborg dork brigade (that’s their official, canon group name, by the way…don’t look it up, just trust me)…anyway, and that’s pretty much the end:  the whale ship crashes into the Executor and we’re left to wonder how things shake out for the next issue…it’s a bit like a video game, really…Vader gets past boss after boss, but there’s always another boss lying in wait. He is going to beat the game, though, as we all know, but, again, we just don’t know how yet…and the waiting keeps on keeping on…

Oh yeah, and the droids brought Dr. Aphra to the Executor, as ordered, and then the Doc cleverly gave them new orders to rescue her (it doesn’t look like the succeed, though, since when last we see her she’s gassed on the floor; though, since that won’t effect the droids, she may very well be rescued early in the next issue). I’m really curious to see how this series closes out. I’m sure the general story will be that Vader is returned to good graces with the Emperor for taking care of Cylo and his cyborg dork brigade, but I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to get there…do you think Dr. Aphra will live past the end of the series? What about Cylo or his would-be Jedi pal? What do you think will become of the droids? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll cybernetically enhance a rancor and let is loose in your bedroom while you’re sleeping…I’ll do it, too, I’m crazy like that…until next time, TWS out.

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