The Jedi Path

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For Many people, Star Wars has an effect on our everyday lives. This can be taken in many ways: it might be because of Star Wars that two people met and fell in love, and even had a child together. Or, people might have gotten job opportunities because of Star Wars. For some people, Star Wars has created religions and philosophies. This all was caused by a man with a dream back in 1977.

For me, however, Star Wars changed my life and molded me into who I am; I grew up from the age of 4 loving Star Wars. The way I move, the way I speak, the way I fight, the way I think, were all influenced by the Sith and the Jedi. Now, you must be asking yourself: why is the title irrelevant to this topic? I assure you it is not, and you shall see why. But first, let me tell you a story.

When I was younger, I had anger issues, and always seemed to show my darker side rather than my light. So naturally, I felt more alike to the Sith, and praised Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Palpatine, Malgus, etc. They seemed to make more sense to me. Whenever I was angry, I fueled it into my work and my sparring. It influenced me so much, that even now, I have a popular Facebook page called The Ultimate Sith Empire. I met a lot of people that are now close friends of mine, just because we all felt aligned to the sith.

It was only in this past year how wrong I was. I realized that this thinking was getting me in trouble, and that this was not the path I should follow. So I strayed, but kept in touch with my good friends.

Now, not too long ago, not only had I changed my views on Star Wars, but I had even renounced Catholicism, and converted to Buddhism. And in my religion, the main philosophy is that we are one with the universe; that everything in the universe is linked together in it’s own way, because we are all one. So if we were to hurt someone, we would be hurting the universe, because they are a part of it as well as ourselves, thus we would hurt ourselves. Moral of the story: don’t hurt others, let go of your anger, etc. Which is very similar to what the Jedi believed.

So really, because of the similarities, to think like a Jedi is to think like a Buddhist. So I began to respect the Jedi way. AHA! Now you see how this is all relative. But this story is not over yet.

I had started to control my anger, try to be more calm, more patient with others. It really did a number: people started to respect me, I finally got along with my family, among many other positive results. So, with my two ways conjoined, I became a better person. But the real trial to show this was having an impact on my life, was how I reacted when I got bullied. Ever since I was a kid, I was always called creepy and a freak: mostly for being nerdy. Other reasons I’m not proud of. But after I changed my behaviour, they really had no reason to bully me, besides from being a very big Star Wars fan, and because of my sexuality. And, instead of flipping out on them, or fighting them and getting myself in trouble for it, I ignored them. I meditated, and suddenly, all my inner conflicts and hints of anger went away.

Yet, unfortunately, sometimes it wasn’t enough. Sometimes, instead of verbal bullying, or cyber bullying, they would be physical. Even my fighting style had changed: I was no longer offensive, but rather only fought for self defense.

And not only that; when the verbal bullying got out of control, and I was ready to lose it, and break their nose or something, I used the skills I learned from reading Jedi lore (meditating skills, fortification of the mind) and using the philosophies I learned from Buddhism, and I worked out a smarter solution. I knew it would not stop if I didn’t do anything, but violence was not the answer. In my case, as a student, there were plenty of authorities to go to so that I may rid myself of the problem. So I took it to my school officer, and it got resolved the smart way.

So, even after a dark past, I redeemed myself, and reaped the benefits. Even with this new attitude I gained, I have someone special in my life, to which I love dearly (who is also a Star Wars fan). I have taken the Jedi path, and now I have become a better man. I honestly feel like Galen Marek (fun fact: TFU was my first Star Wars video game), and i shall continue on this path. So really, I must thank George Lucas (and Haden Blackman), for taking me on this great journey through life. I owe it all to them. I also owe it to my parents, for introducing me to Star Wars. And, of course, I owe it to Liz: when others laughed at me for being nerdy, or just being me, Liz was always there for me.


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