TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Han Solo #1 + Star Wars #20

Marvel Star WarsBack-to-back double-book comic day this week, and both books feature Wookiees on the cover…it might not get much better than this, folks. And, for me at least, this is an exciting release because it includes the first installment in the Han Solo series, a tale about a scruffy-looking nerf herder that just so happens to be one of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars. So, kick back and relax, and let’s get this #WookieeWednesday started!

Hand Solo #1
Star-Wars-Han-Solo-1-CoverOkay, so, I’d say this book definitely lived up to my personal hype. It was a quick-paced read, just like a Han Solo story should be, with great art, especially Princess Leia. I think her representation in this book is the best yet out of all the comics so far. Also, I really appreciate the myriad of alien-heavy panels in both the cantina and race party; they managed to include a good mix of species from each era, as well as some we’ve never seen before. I’m especially intrigued by Loo Re Anno’s tall, blue aquatic-looking species:  she looks like the offspring of a Kalleran and a Kaminoan that somehow grew an extra hand and forearm from each elbow…which is, of course, awesome. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure if we’ve seen a female Kalleran yet, so that might just be how they look, and I would be perfectly okay with that. It’s also interesting that this book ties in so well with Bloodline (which I haven’t finished yet because I’m a slow reader and I’ve been, unfortunately, busier than I’d care to be), in that it’s essentially how Han gets his start in racing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this series plays out as a whole, and to finding out who’s shooting up the Dragon Void racers…there were definitely green laser blasts on the last panel, so does that suggest the Empire has come to ruin the party? Or maybe shooting at the contestants is a common practice, much like the Sand People do for the pod races on Tatooine, only on a much bigger scale…I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out…

Star Wars #20
Star_Wars_20There have been some incredible books among all the series Marvel has put out since taking over (the interweaving of story between Star Wars #6 and Darth Vader #6 comes to mind as a standout), but I think this might be my single favorite book so far…there are so many feels going on here, and maybe that’s just because I’m an emotional guy and most people maybe don’t see it that way, but I challenge anyone’s heart not to swell just a little when Owen is looking for Luke with the parts for the skyhopper, fumbling over an apology and trying to connect with the boy he’s been essentially burdened with, that’s not truly his family…I’d always thought Owen Lars a slightly kinder Vernon Dursley, but this shows he was much more than that, and, frankly, makes the scene where Luke finds his aunt and uncle in A New Hope that much more tragic. And then, later, when Obi-wan calls out to Qui-gon…I honestly can’t articulate why, but that gets to me…maybe it’s because he’s asking for help from the only person he has left, and that person isn’t even actually, fully around anymore…oh, and how ’bout Krrsantan getting his scar from Obi-wan? How cool is that? As soon as I noticed he didn’t have it yet I was thinking “oh dang! Obi-wan’s gonna slice up his eye!” and the story did not disappoint. And, of course, let’s not forget Luke’s kid-to-the-rescue Anakin moment after quickly patching up the skyhopper; granted, Luke’s was a lot more deliberate than Anakin’s “accidental” destruction of the droid control ship, but, still, there’s a parallel there. And then Luke and Owen are reunited and Luke’s first instinct is to apologize because he’s a good kid, just like his dad was, and then Owen and Obi-wan share a knowing look of respect…if Disney/Lucasfilm is still looking for anthology film ideas and they haven’t already started working on something for Obi-wan…well, let’s just say there are several storyboards waiting for them in this series. That’s a movie I would love to see…

Oh yeah, it was a good week for comics. If you’re not already on board the comic train, first of all, why are you reading this, but, second, this would be a great week to hop on:  you could start on the ground floor with the Han Solo series as well as picking up the Star Wars series on a new story arc next issue after enjoy a great Obi-wan-centric story this week. So, my fellow comic fans, what did you think? Did the books live up to the hype I’m giving them, or did you find them less satisfying? Were there parts of either that you found amazing that I didn’t bother to mention? Or did I mention something that you thought was stupid or irrelevant? Give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll send a holo to my boy Krrsantan and have him show up at your door all pumped to pull your arms out of their sockets…he’s a Wookiee, he’ll do it…until next time, TWS out.


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