Blog Wars: Heir To The Empire – Final Entry

my bannerAt long last, I have indeed finished Heir To The Empire, and on my birthday, no less. As I turn fifteen, I have some closing statements about this fantastic book.

First of all, I wanted to thank you if you have indeed been reading my snippets on the book, and I hope you enjoy my future book reviews. You guys are the best! Anyways, on to the task at hand:

It’s clear that I have fallen madly in love with this book, and for good reason. Overall, the characters were well built up, the events all intermingled perfectly to make such an amazing story. I love reading how grown up Luke has become; from a whiny farm boy, to a fully grown man, and jedi knight, like his father before him. I really liked Leia’s story arc and how she was training her jedi powers. That was freaking cool, and I am saddened it wasn’t an aspect carried to Star Wars 7.

I loved the whole setup at Myrkr, and how Mara and Luke temporarily teamed up. One step closer to them getting married! And ultimately, Darth Caedus murdering her. And the outcome to that event will be revealed in my next blog wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible! I honestly can’t wait to read it.

Overall, The book was a work of art. Despite Zahn’s recent message to us EU fans, I still love his work. I hope I get my hands on more of his pieces.



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