TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Poe Dameron #3 + Darth Vader #21

Marvel Star WarsWell, after a drought period, Star Wars comics are back with another double-header, this time featuring the continuation of the much-anticipated Poe Dameron series, and, my favorite new Marvel series, Darth Vader. So, without beating around the bush too much, let’s just jump in with both feet! (And, yes, spoilers incoming…you have been warned…)

Poe Dameron #3
Poe 3Umm…what. the. hell. is. going. on?!?! Suddenly there are Kaiju in Star Wars? I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that a rumor drops stating John Boyega will star in Pacific Rim 2 and BAM! canon Kaiju…it’s clearly a tie-in…the oceanic rift is actually a portal to the Star Wars galaxy, and…okay, no, I’m kidding, but, seriously, what is up with these creatures? And how are there suddenly two right when the crackhead cult leader needs to be saved? It is interesting that the first one we see looks like a being of light:  it’s all glowy and pure, with bright, white eyes…and, yet, the creature that saves the day looks like some kind of Sith spawn:  dark and ominous with evil red eyes. Then, after it defeats its sibling(?), it sort of becomes a hybrid of the two of them…it’s all very strange, but may have some kind of overarching meaning connected with Snoke’s vision of the perfect Force-user containing both light and dark…it’s also an interesting commentary on religion in that they worshiped something without any proof of what it was, “but that was never the point”…or, it could just be a Kaiju in Star Wars…regardless, this issue did not work for me. This whole “egg” situation has been pretty suspect from the start, in my opinion, and for it to come to this seems like one of the most “out there” versions of the story there could have been…just, no. And that’s saying something, because I’m a HUGE fan of creatures in the Star Wars universe…this just did’t hit the mark for me, and has really plunged the entirety of Poe’s series toward the bottom of the comic hierarchy. I was really hoping for one of three things with the “egg”:  it would be empty and the Creche would have been living a lie; it was not actually an egg, but some kind of rare mineral or maybe a sculpted Kyber crystal (meaning, once again, that the Creche would have been living a lie); or it was Vergere (and yes, as crazy as that sounds, I’d rather that have been what happened vs. the Kaiju). So, anyway, Kaiju aside (actually, one more thing, where is that thing going to take the Creche? Clearly not into space or they’ll all die, so, I don’t know, a different cave a few blocks over? *eyeroll*), the way the issue ends is fairly interesting:  it’s basically like Black Squadron giving themselves a head start in a game of tag on the way to this prison we’ll be visiting in the next installment, because, obviously, Terex will follow them there once he’s picked up…I’m just hoping something stellar happens at said prison, like we meet a compelling new character, or a compelling old character that’s been wasting away in prison *coughCad Banecough*…honestly, though, how cool would it be to find out that we don’t see L’ulo in The Force Awakens not because he’s dead, but because he decides to partner up with a fellow Duros after said fellow Duros helps them escape the prison and the First Order? Hella cool, that’s right. I’m about 99.9% sure there’s no chance of that happening, but, until we find out for sure, there’s no harm in make believe…

Darth Vader #21
Vader 21I know I mentioned in the intro that the Darth Vader series is my favorite, but the whole Cylo business has been by far the biggest drawback, and, unfortunately, this a fairly Cylo & Friends-heavy issue. Thankfully, though, it appears we’re coming to the end of his and his “abomination’s” existence, so that makes me happy. Also, the book starts with an extended sequence involving my girlfriend, Dr. Aphra, and my home boys 000 and Beetee, and that’s always a good time…oh, and this book has it’s own Kaiju:  a cybernetically-enhanced super rancor, which, especially when compared to the Ultraman-meets-Mothra monsters in Poe Dameron #3, is super badass. I am a little upset since it appears that they’re going to drag out Vader’s revenge on Cylo until the end of the series, perhaps making for some uneventful lead-ins (somewhat like this one), but such is the comic medium. In order to tell stories in a constricted space over a set time frame, sometimes you’re going to have “filler” issues – they’re parts of the story that need to be told, but they may move the plot along slowly and/or seem to add nothing to the narrative at first glance; however, when you take the whole story in as one experience, it leads to a great piece of work. This was evident in some of the longer Clone Wars arcs as well. It’s the nature of the beast of fragmented storytelling. So, anyway, Aphra surrenders to the droids, Krrsantan’s hanging out (love that guy, by the way), Vader blows a hole (get it, kinda like blowhole?) into the lead whaleship (also, are these the same or similar space whales that we saw in Rebels? I sure hope so…I’m not sure the galaxy needs several species of those things) and lands inside it before it escapes into hyperspace, and he’s forced to fight a cybernetic rancor…yup, that about covers it…fade to no pages left and we’ll see you next time!

Alright, guys and gals, what did we think of this week’s two issues? Who else hates the Kaiju? Who loves them? Who thinks they’re the greatest additions to the Star Wars bestiary since the Zillo? Who thought they were a harmless plot device in an otherwise brilliant comic? Who thought anything at all, anyone? Bueller? Anyway, how ’bout this one:  what do you think Dr. Aphra’s fate will be? (The right answer is Vader lets her go live a long and happy life with me, just saying…)  So, give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll send Triple-zero and Beetee after you, and we both know you don’t want none of that up in your business…until next time, TWS out.


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