Blog Wars: Heir To The Empire – Entry 2

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It has been a while since I have put in an article, because I have been so busy. I have hardly gotten enough chances to read Heir to the empire, so it has taken a while. For that, I apologize. However, I have now gotten through 2/3 of the book, and here’s my update.


I left off at the chapter where Han and Lando meet Torve, and I must say the book keeps getting better and better. The events are just so awesome! Luke getting kidnapped by Mara? Can I get a “hell yeah”? I love the revisiting of Dagobah, too: I never would have thought a sith lived there! huh: the legends kid is only finding this out now. I also really like the Kashyyk chapter with the wookies and the structures. I honestly thought it was a great add in, especially with the wookie that had the speech impediment. The humour in the book is delightful and there really isn’t much to complain about: the character development is phenomenal, the events are just spectacular, and the battle scenes illustrate themselves into your mind.

However, I have found two points that are a bit edgy. First off, I never knew Coruscant was already a planet before the prequels. I was under the impression it was an idea that came straight from Lucas in Episode I. I shall have to do more research on that.

Secondly, I feel Thrawn’s skill of putting things together easily with minimal clues is a bit drastic: some of the times he figures out actually made no sense to me when he explains how he did it. The points didn’t add up and were just too plain.

But on a brighter note, I enjoyed the part where Thrawn destroyed the tractor beam pilot. It showed the darker side to him, which is what the book needed, because so far it had only shown how he is a genius. It was a delightful detail.

Hopefully, I will finish the book soon so I can wrap this up. Next book will be the finale to The Legacy Of The Force series: Invincible.


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