TWS: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ink – Obi-Wan & Anakin #5 + Star Wars #19

Marvel Star WarsDon’t adjust your internets, you’re not seeing double, and, no, you haven’t died and gone to heaven, you just get an extra post from me discussing Star Wars comics going forward. Go ahead and take a beat to catch your breath and relax…alright, moving on, if you haven’t read this week’s two releases, go get busy! (‘Cause, you know, spoilers incoming.) Then find your way back here to see if your certain point of view matches mine, or if they differ so greatly that you’re not even sure I read the right books…either way, it’ll be a hoot, so let’s begin!

Obi-Wan & Anakin #5
portrait_incredibleThis was an odd series from beginning to end, but I really enjoyed it, perhaps in spite of the somewhat “off” feel of it, or maybe because of it…there’s something decidedly not Star Wars about the strange planet and the Open and Closed, but I think that’s sort of the point:  they’re so far removed from the rest of the galaxy, they’re really not part of Star Wars anymore. It’s almost as if Obi-wan & Anakin ended up in the Star Wars version of Land of the Lost.
Anyway, I think my favorite part of the series as a whole was all the flashback sequences, especially those involving Anakin and Palpatine. I like knowing that Palpatine, as he said he would be in The Phantom Menace, was not only keeping tabs on Anakin’s career “with great interest,” but was already starting to influence his train of thought. And in this issue, the flashback with Yoda and Obi-wan was particularly compelling:  not only was Obi-wan willing to take on Anakin as a padawan without the Council’s approval, but he was further willing to leave the Order to ensure that Anakin was trained, as that was his promise. Personally, I would have said, “well, I gave it a go, but the kid just doesn’t want to do it,” and would have thought my promise kept to the best of my ability, but good ol’, steadfast Obi-wan was willing to go the extra mile and I think that really rings true for his character. Also, I love how Yoda is always teaching, even when it doesn’t seem like it. He really sees the bigger picture of the Force, and knows how to oh so subtly guide people to reach their own conclusions and solve their own dilemmas, rather than showing them how or doing it for them in hopes that they can do it on their own next time. He’s brilliant. And I think Obi-wan is equally brilliant in the way he demonstrates the power of the whole of the Jedi versus the power of the individual.
And what about the visual in the last panel with the passing of the lightsaber, huh? I mean, I know it’s not the lightsaber because Anakin’s gets destroyed in Attack of the Clones, but still, that was no accident. One other tidbit worth mentioning is that the whole call for the Jedi’s help that sets up the series was inspired by a video record of what we can only assume were warriors of the Sith Empire based on their red lightsabers. We already know how things turn out, but that’s still a little foreshadowing, don’t you think? Overall, I’d say this was a fitting end to a good series, and now I’m just excited to see what the Han Solo series has in store for us…

Star Wars #19
detailI’ll be honest, I hadn’t even considered Eneb Ray as the mystery attacker at the prison. In fact, I hadn’t so much as thought about him since not long after reading Star Wars Annual #1. Thinking back, I should have known there was a reason he made it out alive, but I didn’t put two and two together. Shame on me. Anyway, I guess we’re to assume that his scarred and blistered face is from being zapped with Force lightning, but then why is Luke okay? He endured a hell of a lot more of it than Eneb did…does the Light protect you? We saw how it deformed Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, so are there three possible outcomes:  it corrupts with darkness, is fought off by light, and works like a disease in non-Force-users? It’s a bit perplexing, to say the least, but, oh well…I have faith in the story group…it’ll be interesting to see where Eneb goes from here since we obviously haven’t seen the last of him judging by his key tooth…will he up the ante to get Leia’s attention, or will he take matters even more into his own hands? Or will he give up on the Rebellion and become some kind of wild bounty hunter vigilante? So many open doors…
Now, how ’bout Sana and Aphra being a thing, huh? I just assumed they worked together and, as we scoundrels do, screwed each other over (yes I phrased it that way on purpose)…but, well, let’s just say it seems a lot more personal than that. It was an interesting turn of events and they handled it really well. They didn’t overdo it to make a show, and it didn’t seem forced at all. Kudos. I really like Sana’s character and am looking forward to seeing how she ends up (hopefully not dead). Though, speaking of dead, her ex is in a world of trouble, but I think that’s a topic better suited to the Darth Vader comics, so we’ll get to it in time. For now, let’s focus on a Stormtrooper with a lightsaber…
What?!?! I’d heard that a bad batch-esque group of Stormtroopers were coming in the comics, but I didn’t expect one to have a lightsaber…and whose blade is it, anyway? Where’d it come from? It has to be an ex-Jedi saber, no? Part of me thinks it’d be cooler if they’d used an Inquisitor-style double-bladed spin-saber instead, but we’ll see where it goes before I get too opinionated about it. My first guess as to the saber-wielder’s identity is  Agent 5241, the character that trains Luke to fight in Grakkus the Hutt’s arena, but that may be too obvious and “small universey.” On the other hand, I don’t think they introduced him simply as a plot device for that one purpose…like so many things, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. (But I want to know now! Hey, calm down voice in my head…)

So, after suffering through a week with no comics, we get two books as compensation; both were good reads, but I think I’d give the edge to Star Wars #19 in a straight-up, head-to-head battle. Which of the two did you prefer? What are your overall thoughts on the Obi-wan & Anakin series? Are you stoked for the Han Solo comic, or are you some kind of moof milker? And what do you think of the elite, saber squad? Pretty rad, or over-the-top? Give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell Eneb where you live and he’ll use his tooth key to unlock your door and steal all your cool stuff…oh yeah, that’s right, no more PS4 or XBox One for you, kiddo…better write something! TWS out *drops mic*


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