The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – 3 Takeaways from the Recent Rogue One News & Rumors

First of all, ladies and gentlemen, I think I just hit a new milestone for title length, so allow me to take a moment to celebrate *throws confetti* …okay, moving on:  the internets were buzzing with Rogue One information this week – some good, some bad & ugly. Most of what comes next in this post is spoiler-ish (if it’s accurate), so I’m going to cut the introduction short to let those who wish to remain pure of heart and mind until December stay that way. If you happen to be such a person but are overcome with grief because it means missing out on the Weekly Scoundrel, well, read last week’s post and pretend it’s new! (Sorry, that’s the best I can do.) Otherwise, if you’re like me and enjoy “leaked” content because it fuels discussion, I’ll catch up with you when you click that “Continue reading” link down there…

Alright, introduction 2.0:  my first two takeaways are fed directly from an entry on concerning the Rogue One: The Official Visual Story Guide, while the third is centered around the announcement that the Rogue One comic books were no longer going to be a thing (yes, that’s the bad & ugly part I referenced earlier). So, without any further ado, my three takeaways are:

Aliens in Rogue One
Goss ToowersWay back in August of last year when we got the cast announcement for Rogue One, I wrote a post on my blog about the five species I’d choose for the mo-cap character, then, sadly (well, sort of sadly, droids are badass too), we found out the mo-cap character would be a droid and not an alien. My heart sank because, as you know (unless you’re a first-time reader, then shame on you, go catch up!), I am quite fond of aliens in the Star Wars universe. I thought Rogue One had been relegated to nothing but boring, old humans; thankfully, if the information in the post is accurate, that is not the case. And why wouldn’t it be? My own partiality toward aliens aside, it only makes sense to add aliens into anything having to do with the rebellion; they have the most to gain from being part of any kind of movement that seeks to undermine or overthrow the Empire. Humans can always revert back to the tried and true motto of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” – aliens don’t really have that last resort crutch to fall back on. They’re on the outside looking in, and, from what I can tell, there’s not much to see from that position, so having not one but two aliens involved in the Death Star plans heist is not only awesome, but perfectly logical…which is also awesome.

The Director
Director KrennicAgain, if’s information is correct (which I honestly doubt, the writing is just, well, too bad…but, anyway), then the white-clad, cloak-rocking, Thrawn-like character Ben Mendelsohn is playing is named Director Krennic (which is a pretty wicked, Star Warsy name, to be honest). That title just screams ISB, though, right? I had previously theorized that he was not only a high-ranking military officer, as the leak claims, but that he was, in fact, the mystery admiral that’s mentioned near the end of Aftermath. Now, although we can’t know his Imperial career path simply from his name and title, and despite what’s written in his supposed description, I think I’m going to switch my assumption from future admiral to ISB Director that’s either in charge of asset protection for the Death Star, or leader of Imperial operations against rebel cells, meaning he would be Agent Kallus’s boss (meaning we could potentially see Kallus in the film, or at least hear him mentioned, which would be pretty cool). I will admit, though, this kind of takes the wind out of the sails of my Rogue One theory, but I’m perfectly okay with that. And I know, I’m making an awful lot of logical leaps based solely on a title that may or may not actually be his final title, so I’m trying to take this information with a, as Milton would say, big grain of salt…but, I mean, c’mon, speculation is half the fun, right?

Comic a No-Go
Phil Noto Rogue OneAlas, Rogue One comics, we barely (well, never) knew ye…I hope we eventually find out what led to the cancellation of what I can only imagine would have been a pretty popular set of books, but, in the end, it doesn’t really matter – we’re not getting it, regardless of whether it was something a bunch of accountants in a poorly-lit room decided while hiding behind spreadsheets, or if the curse of the first spin-off has evolved from merely effecting cinematic direction and is now poisoning comic book creatives as well…the bottom line is there were tales from the Star Wars universe that were going to be told that will now lie dormant, and there is scarcely anything in this world that I find sadder than that. Maybe, if we’re lucky, what was supposed to be given life via comics will find its place as a set of short stories, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Just like the possibility of playing Disney Infinity as Jyn Erso along side someone playing as Rey, we’ll just have to learn to live without it…

Wow, much links, such reference…I know, right? There’s a lot of click bait in this post, so go fishing! Hop around to the different links and then come back and let me know if anything made you feel ways about stuff. Did I miss something that should have been a major takeaway? Did I mention something you’d not even considered? Did I go overboard discussing a minor leak that may turn out to be false information? (Wait, no, don’t answer that, that’s probably a “yes,” keep that to yourself.) Anyway, you get a glimpse inside my head every week, so why not return the favor and let me know what’s rolling around in your craniums, eh? Plus, it’ll make me feel less like I’m that weird guy at a con standing off to the side talking to himself…you know what I mean…but, even if no one comments, I’ll be back next week to be “that guy,” so I’ll see you then!


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