Rey’s lineage, a recheck…


Jyn could be Rey’s mom, but that doesn’t mean Luke has to be her dad. Sorry guys, that’s just logic. I wanted that too, but Bloodline changed the narrative.  Rey could be anakin reincarnated, and that’d be enough without Luke being the father, but that does not mean it could not still be the case.  Rey was dropped off on Jakku at the age of 5.  Ben doesn’t turn to the dark side until closer to Bloodline than when she is 5…more like when she was 15.  This would mean that either Rey being dropped off on Jakku has nothing to do with the  Jedi Massacre by Ben, or Leia hasn’t heard from them in 10 years…Leia said she hadn’t heard from them in a while, but 10 years??? That makes no sense.  Bloodline changes the timeline in my head, and it should for everyone.

Dan Spina: Ya, I don’t think that Ben has anything to do with Rey’s arrival on Jakku. And I’m glad because I never liked that idea of a connection there.

Well, then that just totally destroys most chances that she is Luke’s, right? Not necessarily.  Keep faith, because there is a piece of the puzzle that we haven’t seen yet, and it does not mean that any theory is for sure cut out.  Don’t lose faith fanboys and FANGIRLS!

PS: Rey being aKenobi would be great. That’d rekindle the Kenobi/Skywalker relationshiP. and allows for that romance…







4 thoughts on “Rey’s lineage, a recheck…

  1. YUP! I have no doubts Rey isn’t a Skywalker either…. One of the things that stood out the most was what Ryan said he as going to do… “something we have not seen before”. What that tells me is one little thing. Both ATOC and ESB were sort of about revelation as well as having the Romance start, Bare with me on this theory… The next generation of Skywalkers will be from a union between Ben and Rey. We never seen the Antagonist and Protagonist develop feelings for each other before and it would be a fantastic twist, would it not?


  2. What if “something we have not seen before” is actually a romance between two same-gender characters, i.e. Finn & Poe? There are just too many possible answers to that riddle. It’s a huge logical leap to assume anything from such a vague statement.

    An interesting piece of the puzzle concerning Rey’s lineage that you didn’t mention is, if you take the novel to be canon (which I do since it was based off the shooting script – I don’t imagine any major story details were changed during filming), Kylo knows who Rey is…when she pulls the fabled lightsaber to her, overpowering Kylo’s own attempt, the novel reads, “‘It is you,’ Ren murmured.” I think that’s a hugely significant revelation; Rey thinks she’s a nobody, Kylo knows she isn’t.

    Here’s the bottom line for me: if Rey isn’t a Skywalker, then she isn’t the main character, Kylo is.


  3. There were those rumors that he got a force bond with her without meeting her also. And yeah… Kylo in theory is all the Skywalker we really need.


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