Red5Mom On “My Star Wars Story”

In April of 2015, I went to my first Star Wars Celebration.  That of the best week of my life.  There was so much Star Wars stuff I never knew about.  I discovered podcasts while I was there and began listening to them while I was on the plane back home.  One of the first podcast I listened to was My Star Wars Story, a monthly podcast by Scott Ryfun.  In this podcast Star Wars fans tell how their lives were impacted, affected and changed by the Star Wars Saga.  I was laughing, I was crying and I was relating.  All of the stories brought back wonderful and fond memories of my own. I was instantly hooked and had to binge listened to all there were at the time.  Every episode was like listening to salvation testimonies in church.  If there is a Star Wars Church then Scott Ryfun is the pastor,

At the end of each podcast listeners are invited to queue up to tell Scott their own story.  I immediately sent him an email after the first few episodes I listened to.  In August 2015 I got my turn to record my story with Scott.  But I didn’t expect to hear it broadcast anytime soon.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  My Star Wars Story is a labor of love for Scott.  He will take the time to lovingly make your story something you will be proud of.  The icing on the cake is that he weaves throughout your story the epic music of Star Wars by John Williams.  I am humbled to be listed with such Star Wars fans as Steve Sansweeet, John Jackson Miller, Consetta Parker and Jimmy Mack.  Scott Ryfun is an award winning radio host, popular podcast guest, husband, father and loyal friend.  You will know these things if you listen to his other podcast, Dinner 4 Geeks.

I’m so exticed to have made a special new Star Wars friend in Scott.  I look forward to all the stories he will bring us in the future.  But the best part of this blog post is that my story was posted, on Mother’s Day, this month.  It was one of the best mothers day gifts I ever got.  When I first listened to it, I cried.  He did such a wonderful job with someone who was not used to being recorded.  My story is about how Star Wars healed a broken relationship between a mother and daughter.  It is something I will treasure forever and my kids will have long after I’m gone.  You can find my Star Wars Story on iTunes or just go to the link below.  I urge you to listen to them all, you will not be sorry.




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