Will Episode VIII be about…redemption?

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With all of the rumors floating around the internet about Episode VIII and various plot leaks. They seem to more like be an update of the same theories molded together into the best fan written script I’ve seen so far.  One of the theories that seems to stand out the most is surrounding Benicio del Toro and the possible connection with Ezra Bridger. Now, where I will be going with this theory hasn’t really been touched for a little while and it’s the idea of redemption and regret of going to the dark side and destroying everything you love. We seen part of this process in ESB when Vader was unable to strike Luke down while fight in Cloud City.


I think we might see a bit of this transition with Kylo Ren, and even quite possibly with Ezra. With the possibility of Benicio being “the last Sith Lord”screams this possibility to me for some reason. Be it as it may be wishful thinking on my part or I’m typing a prediction and we’re going to be laughing at this after we’ve all seen the movie. I could be entirely wrong but this is where my mind is going today in my fun ramblings about star wars. Back on the theory. We’ll pretend that he is for now playing Ezra. He would be torn on the inside with grief and that little tint of light. It’s Ezra and much like Vader, there was still a little bit of Anakin left in him. This would also add to a very good dynamic and reversal to what we’ve seen in Empire when Luke was training with Yoda.Ezra training Ben, Luke training Rey. And like Rian Johnson stated we’re going to see something we haven’t seen before, right there I can name three. Numerous force using groups where it’s not only Jedi and Sith right now, but we have the knights of Ren and Snoke making a new dark side faction in the world of Force sensitive beings. As well as seeing the main antagonist going through a similar task of trials and being tested by a mentor. And the redemption of not only one character but two, or the fall of the main protagonist. We have not seen any of these things happen this way in the second film of both trilogies. Well of course for the exception of the start of Anakin’s fall in episode II.



13138875_1043618535714643_8464413916422826362_nWith the revelations given to us in the latest of the canon novels of Bloodlines, also gives us a bit of a perspective that Ben’s fall and lure to the Darkside happened slightly later than some of us were thinking. It possibly when Leia mentions not having contact anymore with Luke hinting that it may be around this time and not over a decade like some of us previously thought.This makes Ben 23 when he fell. Who else was this age when he was set loose on one unsuspecting Jedi Temple and almost single-handedly wiped the Jedi to extinction. With this in mind we have a nice little parallel to the prequels here right out in the open without flat-out being direct about it.Along with Ben not being told he’s the Grandson of Darth Vader.Which also helps to put things into perspective about Ben Solo. Finding out from Snoke about Darth Vader and Ben’s connection to the dark side and channeling the old hatred that laid dormant in his blood until Snoke had his little say about a few things. Forming the Knights of Ren to later find out where the true deception of the dark side and it’s manipulating ways.Again like he first time he’s left questioning his loyalties.But will this start from Ezra telling him about the deception? Or will one of the two betray Ben to lead him on this path?Only time will tell but wouldn’t it be amazing to see a double redemption of two broken individuals? Luke has done it before, and maybe this is his true gift. Is to get people back in touch with the light or to blend the two together. And the four of them will be fighting Snoke. It’s always been about redemption and balance of the force. So I guess that’s my angle, and the idea of Episode VIII possibly leading to the most epic of battles between force welders.

In conclusion,take it with a grain of salt. Since we haven’t been told they finished production of the movie yet. All of it can still be in the air to where it will all go. Like we’ve seen year ago when TFA was still at this stage of the process.So it could go in any given direction and I could be extremely far off in my thought process and over thinking on all the possibilities.Feeding my own need of knowing now because of my lack of patience. Not that I will be disappointed and rage at the possibility that it won’t go my way. I’ll love it either way because I’m seeing a Star Wars story unfold again and it’s always fun to see it all for the first time. So here it is. How do you guys think episode VIII will go?

Thanks everyone!

Marc Angers (Angers Angle)


One thought on “Will Episode VIII be about…redemption?

  1. Personally, I’m way over this “small universe” notion that people keep running with, i.e. the theories where every new character is actually someone we already know or related to someone we know (like the whole “Finn is Lando’s son” nonsense, for example). That said, I absolutely do not think Ezra, or anyone from the Ghost crew, will appear in any saga film. Rebels is their show, and their stories will play out there or in comics and/or books.

    As for your redemption arc that leads to all the characters battling Snoke, sure, I could see that, but not in Episode VIII alone – that sounds more like a full arc to end the trilogy, not a second act. I think Episode VIII will be centered around the trials and tribulations of our two counter leads, Rey & Kylo, as well as their mentors and companions, Luke, Snoke, Finn, Hux, Phasma, etc. All will have obstacles to overcome, there will be failure, and, where The Force Awakens left us with a feeling of ultimate possibility, Episode VIII will end with everyone knowing what’s to come…vague, I know, but that’s as specific as my theory-crafting goes right now…check in this time next year and I’m sure it’ll be much more fleshed out.


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