The Glitch Unleashed

my banner  Since I was little, I would play the Force Unleashed every day; it was my favourite game. But I would always restart the game
when I finished. Now, before we hooked up our Playstation to the net to get updates, I would get glitchy games like it was candy. In fact, to this day, I can recall a time when all the maps in one game save actually flipped: everything was backwards! I kid you not, where the doorway out was on the left, it was now on the right. So, for an entire session, my maps were all backwards, which led me to memorize all the maps in the game, so I would know where I was going. It was honestly the oddest thing I have seen in-game. I remember turning left on imperial felucia to power the generators for the sarlaac, instead of turning right.
Of Course, I beat the game with no difficulty, but it gave me a different view on the game, really appreciating the developers for their diverse maps and all the stress put on their shoulders to fix every glitch. Man, it must be hard. I will never forget the day when I had to figure out the backwards Death Star level. That was a serious pain! So next time you meet a dev, give him/her a big thanks for all the work they do. They might not get every glitch, but sometimes the glitches can be super fun.


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