Funko Announces Next Wave Of Star Wars POP! Vinyls

Everyone knows what POP vinyl figures are, those big eyed, cute versions of an ever-growing list of characters, celebrities and  icons. They are literally the toy equivalent of rabbits multiplying at absurd rates. If you been to any store that sells pop culture merchandise in recent years then you’ve seen them. But this is a Star Wars blog and that’s what we’re interested in. So on May the fourth Funko released the upcoming wave of figures on their Smugglers Bounty blog page which will start hitting shelves in July. Featuring mostly The Force Awakens character and a few from the original trilogy. Let’s take a look.

General releases;

General Leia

She’s not taking any First Order shenanigans with her strong and sassy pose.

Luke Skywalker

The first figure featuring his old appearance

Maz Kanata

I’ve seen those eyes somewhere before


Probably the last figure I was expecting to see.

General Hux

Millicent not included

Guavian Enforcer

Premium rathtar food.


With the iconic blue Anakin/Luke lightsaber in hand.

Kylo Ren

Helmet-less and ready for a fight.



Insert memes

Snap Wexley

J.J.’s mate.

Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

Based on his Empire gear.

Luke Skywalker (Endor)

Based on his Jedi gear but if it wasn’t for the hand and lightsaber it could be any other rebel.

Dagobah Yoda 

Buy or buy not there is no rent.

Store Exclusives;

Maz Kanata

Goggles up. Only available at Target.


With helmet and doll. Only at GameStop.

Poe Dameron

Jacket version. Exclusive to Hot Topic.


From the closing of TFA. Grab it at Walgreens.

Poe Dameron

In is pilot uniform. He’ll be at FYE.

Original announcement.

Joe, The scruffy looking Toyherder  (TGR, Toy and Collectible Review) 


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