Blog Wars: Heir To The Empire – Entry 1

my bannerA few days ago, I finally purchased Heir to the Empire, what I perceived to be the real Star Wars 7 (being an expanded universe supporter). I had never read it before. I have read so many of the other EU comics and novels, but I had never read the original books.

Finally, I started reading it and have been reading it for the past few days. I am currently on chapter 8, and have been absolutely captivated by the story. Tim Zahn definitely knows how to write a book, that’s for sure. Ever since I started, I have been infatuated with the novel, and just can’t wait to flip the page and find out the problem that occurred on the previous page.

Tim expertly introduces Thrawn among other new characters. This feels like a much better continuation to the movies than TFA. I enjoy how the empire is building itself again with a mastermind and a dark jedi, all while having Han try to be a diplomat of a sort. I definitely enjoy reading Luke’s struggles and I can’t wait to read more!


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