“Alden Ehrenreich IS the Young Han Solo!”


And there it is! Alden Ehrenreich IS (the new) Han Solo. I’ve been on the record since the giddy up about my reluctance for this as I have yet to feel the need for this film. I don’t think Han warrants a SOLO movie, (HA! Get it?). I think Ford did the absolute best version we will ever see and to try and copy that is a fool’s errand-But then again some said the same about James Bond back in 1967 when Sean Connery left the iconic role. It’s easy to look back and laugh at them now, but they had a very good point. No one knew Bond would work to begin with and just when they found their magic Connery bolts…

NO ONE CAN REPLACE SEAN CONNERY!” some fans screamed- True, no one can, but they did better and replaced James Bond. Twenty four films later and fifty-three years in, Bond is doing fine, actor number seven will take on the role soon and more money will be made. I’m not saying Solo is going to be made into twenty-three more films, but I think Disney can get two or three films out of this if they play their cards right.


From the looks of Ehrenreich he’s a smooth operator. I can see Solo there, if done with the right screenplay and Director this kid will be embraced-  if not, this will be Lucasfilm’s first stumble under Disney’s watch.

I too was on board the Anthony Ingruber train, but apparently the bosses saw something we didnt. What’s done is done and I refuse to complain and cry over what didn’t happen.

However, in order for the Solo move to work we have to see a side of Han that is both familiar, but not a mimicry of Ford.

We have to see his brilliant humorous side. Han is a sarcastic, funny bastard and that needs to come across without any gray areas or dry humor, no time for Wes Anderson jokes. Han is not subtle in any way and his humor comes out of the situations bigger than a Death Star.

Let’s not see his early years, I don’t care about Papa and Mama Solo…. let’s begin with him breaking Chewie out of slavery and move on from there. The EU had tons of great stories for these two – to name just a few, Han Solo’s Revenge,” “Lost Legacy, and “Stars End.” Two friends doing their thing and smuggling shit from one end of the galaxy to the other. I can get behind that!


But most of their adventures were before they had the Falcon and LF will not do a film with the Falcon. That means an appearance of Lando Calrissian is needed. After all, it was he who lost the Falcon to Solo in a game of Sabacc.


He has to be cocky son-a-of-bitch! He knows what he’s capable of and he never lets a moment go without telling others what he can do; “Sometimes, I even amaze myself.” But usually this is a disguise to cover what he doesn’t know. Han is great at BS, he’s great at telling others he knows it all, but better at hiding it. “I take orders from one person, me.”

His regard for Chewie- why does he dig him so? In the original EU, Chewie was rescued from an Imperial enslavement camp. I’m sure that will stay as “Rebels” showed some of that in their first season with Wookiees being led away in chains. For some reason, Han puts his entire future and life on the line to save his hairy co-pilot. Let’s see that!

Most of all, we have to see the ladies man. Han knows how to drive the ladies the wild and the best ones are just as strong as he is.  Let’s see him cut of swath of love across the galaxy that would make James Bond look chaste in comparison. There has to be another, “I love you. I know” out there somewhere….

So, nerds, dry your tears, stop with the ridiculous petitions and sit back and have a good time. Lucasfilm knows what it wants and needs. It doesn’t need notes from the peanut gallery.


As always, lets just wait and see how this plays out. I need footage, a trailer and some costume fits to see where my enthusiasm sits….but from what I’m seeing so far….

Not too shabby…. I can see a slight resemblence. It won’t be possible to find a Ford twin, but as long as the attitude, the voice and the actions are there- the kid will do fine!


Evolve or go away.


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