BLOODLINE by Claudia Gray, just a little taste

First, here are some things Claudia Gray revealed about Bloodline in a recent interview with the Jedi Council [hyperlink]:

  • Hamilton the Broadway show directly influenced the book’s politics
  • There was no direct interaction between Rian Johnson and Claudia Gray in this process.  But the Lucasfilm StoryGroup did direct Gray:
    • “I know there are  elements in the core concept that play into Rian Johnson’s vision for VIII, and I think a bit beyond that.  I can’t really identify them because then they become ‘spoilery'” – Claudia Gray
    • Lost Stars sequel is in the works, but it has to be released after ‘Empire’s End’ by Chuck Wendig.  Gray said, “it has to happen when the timing is right to reveal what’s happening after Jakku.  Obviously that’s going to play a huge role in what’s going on.”
    • Claudia Gray hinted at a RANSOLM CASTERFO COMIC

So those are all things to get excited about if you liked BLOODLINE the novel.  If you haven’t read it, then hunker down and actually read it.  It is very very very worth it.  But don’t get your shorts in a knot.  It is a very dense book, and it demands a lot of knowledge about Lost Stars and the original 6 films to understand.  Leia is the main character, but she has a cast of fun folks such as Korr Cella, Joph Seastriker and Greer Sommel.  I would almost guarantee we will see Joph or Greer in episode VIII…not Korr, cause, well, she dead.  And Ransolm, well he was last seen being shipped off to possible execution for a crime he never committed.  It’s a tragedy and I was cheering for Ransolm by the end.  Hopefully the comic book series Claudia hints at will result in his survival and appearance in VIII!

PS: The Amaxines are an ancient species that left the galaxy for a neighboring galaxy a long long time ago and they were very brutish like this pseudo Amaxine Warrior gang we see in Bloodline.  I might be going over the top, but it is very possible we will see the return of the Vong, I mean *cough* *cough* the Amaxines at somepoint in the trilogy of films…or beyond…


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