Sitting with StarLord: May the 4th strong!


Star Wars fans unite!!! Happy May the 4th all once again!!!! As I surf all the site’s on a daily basis it is always nice to see Star Wars fans coming together to share the love for the galaxy far, far away, but on May the 4th we see something really special happen every year!

As many people know all Star Wars fans are a unique breed, they all really love something different that draws them to Star Wars. Many fans also have in a sense an alignment if you will some love the OT, others love the prequels more, some say you’re not a “true” fan if you don’t love all of it. Well, I don’t know about that, I must say I am not one to judge others ya like what ya like, let’s just leave it at that.

Fun Fact:  In 2011, the Toronto Underground Cinema organized the first official Star Wars day complete with costume contests, games and a film festival. The rest is well, history. (People-Online, 2015)

I have seemed to notice however on May the 4th Star Wars Fans around the world seem to call a ceasefire for one day to just celebrate the art form that has become Star Wars in all aspects!!!


So how did it come to be? How did we get a Star Wars day! According to an article that was written by JODI GUGLIELMI for People Online the term dates back some years ago two years after the release of A New Hope.

Apparently, Star Wars fanatics have former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to thank for the tradition. It’s believed that the phrase dates back to May 4, 1979, the day Thatcher took office as Prime Minister – and two years after the release of the first Star Wars film. Thatcher’s political party placed a congratulatory ad in a London paper that read “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.”

It was not until some years later the net got a hold of the tagline and began to run with it making it the event that it is today! So enjoy Star Wars everyday and enjoy it even more on May the 4th everyone and Happy Star Wars Day!!!!

Be Well, and May the Force Be with Us…Always!



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