Nien Nunb TFA 3 3/4 Figure Review

Hey guys I’m Joe, The scruffy looking Toyherder and welcome to my first article here on The Galactic Roundtable. I’m looking forward to bringing you toy reviews and other plastic outer space adventures. Since the newest wave of The Force Awakens 3 and 3/4 figures have finally showed up in one of the stores near me, let’s celebrate with a review of one I managed to grabbed. It’s everyone’s favourite Sullustan Death Star destroyer, Nien Nunb.

The packaging features a really cool heroic pose of Nien Nunb with blaster in hand ready to kick some First Order tail and really makes me wish we see him in some action outside of a cockpit in a future movies. On the boxes he’s using the blaster in his left hand but the figure has in packed in his right hand. Does this mean Nien is ambidextrous, someone tweet Pablo Hidalgo and ask if that’s canon.

After I opened it, like you should do with all your toys, the first thing I noticed about the figure was the head mould. It’s fantastic. The sunken eyes and jowl flaps are really well done and the ears stick out of his leather cap, all the Sullustan features are on point. They didn’t go a lazy approach and just put a helmet on him. The body mould keeps the same theme and has lots of creases in his jacket and jumpsuit. They even included the signal flare on his left arm, knee pads and straps on the sleeves above the hands.

For one of the lower level figures the articulation is pretty good . Nien’s head is one ball joint so you get decent moment vertically, horizontally and slight diagonal motion. The legs go back and forth like the other figures in the line but I do recommend put one leg slightly in front the other if you’re displaying him otherwise he leans forwards. The arms go all the way but get harder to move near the top because the jacket gets slightly in the way.

The only nitpicking I can do on the figure is more on the paint work. The figure’s clothes is a lot of blocked colour, a few highlights here and there would bring out a little more of the detail. It would have been cool to see a different shade of the second jowl flap and chin. If you’re someone who likes to add some painted detail I can imagine Nien Nunb being great for that.

Accessory wise he’s comes with the fore mentioned blaster in solid grey plastic and the build a weapon which separately is meant to be a backpack but is so bulky I couldn’t get my figure to stand up with it but the backpack does stay on well so it’s good for kids but not collectors. It also combines with Helmet-less Kylo’s and the Stormtrooper Squad Leader’s weapons.

This is a great figure in the line and anyone wanting a representation of the older Nien Nunb should add this one to their collection. May the force be with you.

Joe, The scruffy looking Toyherder  (TGR, Toy and Collectible Review) 


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