May The Fourth Be With You

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As everybody knows, it’s Star Wars day. Today, we annually celebrate the awesome space battles, lightsabers, jedi and sith we all know and love. It’s kind of like the New Years for Star Wars fans: all factions come together to love all of Star Wars. 

It is indeed a special day for all of us. I can remember watching episode I for the first time when I was five, I absolutely loved Jar Jar and Darth Maul! They seemed so cool to me, in their own ways. And nine years later, I actually met the man who played Darth Maul: Ray Park! Man, was he so awesome, just as he was in the movie. He was always so polite and friendly, and even did tricks with my saberstaff that I had brought to comic con. It was also at that comic con that I lightsaber brawled with some jedi, and took on a sith. We didn’t care what part of Star Wars you liked, you were brethren. We had StarKiller fighting off Darth Maul, Qui Gon up against a Stormtrooper, and all sorts of shenanigans!


My point here being, that even though we may be divided; today, let’s come together and celebrate together such an amazing multiverse.

Happy Star Wars day everyone! And jedi or Sith, may the force be with you.

Ciaran Shuart…


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