“Rogue One for the Win”

0079 Here we are once again waiting feverishly for the next Star Wars installment to drop, but of course this time it’s not part of the official saga, but a side story- a fill in. I’ve heard some fools foolishly state they aren’t excited for this. HUH?  Who knows what kind of mental illness says that, but it’s an important film for several reasons.

First off, this is the first time; a spin-off film has been done.  Sure, we have the goofy Ewok television movies of the week from the mid- 80’s that were fun for what they were, but they were of limited budget and not really part of the official canon then and especially not now.

Clone Wars Movie” was just a television pilot, but it was part of the official canon and led into the glorious and greater series so that’s not the same either.

Rogue One,” is a big deal because it’s a huge, holiday release, top budget, top cast and top everything-  no one is screwing around any longer as its showing us the meat of the story that we’ve always seen on the opening crawl of A New Hope.  This is Lucasfilm’s first official foray into anthology stories- side characters, side events; happenings not directly affecting our characters, but have made a significant impact on the universe as a whole.

Make no mistake, R1 will be huge and Lucasfilm WILL make more of these anthologies at least until they begin to suck or not make money, whichever comes first. I just hope they consider the potential for lesser known ideas. Perhaps the not-so-obvious, go-to story ideas.

They will get the biggies out of the way-  Post JEDI come to mind. We have 30 years to cover; the book BLOODLINES is filling in some of the gaps, but  so many questions have yet to be asked and answered.

Getting out of the way of Episodes 8 and 9, the stories need to be either one-shots or on-going adventures that don’t interfere with the main story. This has been discussed many times, but it needs to be reiterated.

BountyHuntersAlso too, the lesser known characters and events. What I’d love to see: A bounty hunter movie; Boba Fett is getting his own film, but I want some of the lesser known baddies to get some adventure time. Who wouldn’t tune in for Zuckuss, 4-LOM, IG-88 and Dengar, among others of course; these are just the most well-known.  This could be set in between ESB and JEDI- or even after; have them after the same prize, and they all pull all kinds of dirty tricks to stop the other from reaching the said goal…. I think we know how this could turn out….

Bail Prestor Organa, (BAIL is a title, fellow nerds) foster dad to Leia Organa is thinly represented in the prequel era. I always figured he’d play a major presence in Ep 1-3, as a trusted confidant to Padme. He’s there in SITH, but what happens afterwards, what happens when he’s given the task to hide a despot’s child and to form a military rebellion to thwart his power? The old EU told some stories on this, but it wasn’t epic enough. Draft Jimmy Smits, animated, Clone Wars style or not, but let’s see some political Fu.  He had to have made his name known many times over after SITH and for reasons leading up to his and his people’s annihilation.


Of course, the movie everyone is clamoring for; Obi Wan Kenobi- the Desert years. The crazy old man was in the desert for 19 years. He didn’t just sit around and play crossword and stalk Luke.  Plenty of time for some adventures on and off planet; find out why Lars hates him so much, what was the cause of the rift?


“Star War’s” DNA has always been 85% western. Any talented filmmaker could use that vibe and make some real fantasy gems.  Plenty of space to move around with; do it as a Spaghetti western; lots of landscape shots, gunslinger action, regret, a hero’s reluctant call to duty. Imagine Kenobi dictating his thoughts about his friend ‘Anakin and how he will make it up to him someday through his son.’

We could see some of his conversations with Yoda and maybe an Ahsoka appearance for true fan-gasms, going to Alderaan perhaps, giving the Prequel era its final closure.

So many ways to go and for this die hard, I can’t wait!




One thought on ““Rogue One for the Win”

  1. The Clone Wars movie did come out in theaters, so, technically, non-saga theatrical releases aren’t unprecedented, but I get what you’re saying…as far as Obi-wan goes, I don’t think he leaves Tatooine. He wouldn’t leave Luke’s well-being to chance that long. I do agree, though, that a western-style, Kung Fu-esque film about Obi-wan wandering in the wastes would be amazing. Watching him do random acts of good in a place known for being a wretched hive of scum and villainy could make for a great movie. As for anthologies in general, though, I saw a piece of fan art on Twitter (https://twitter.com/_tench_/status/703690228951851009) of Kallus in a poncho & Kyuzo-like hat and thought immediately of a Star Wars version of Fist Full of Dollars (or Credits)…that would make me so happy…


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