Sitting with Starlord Presents: A Coffee with Kenobi Interview…



Without a doubt if you are a Star Wars fan and are into podcasts you have probably heard of one of the greats today, Coffee with Kenobi. Since 2013, the staff of this epic podcast has been entertaining as well as informing Star Wars fans keeping them up to date with the latest news and happenings from the galaxy far, far away…

(Except from their site)
Coffee With Kenobi seeks to examine and analyze the Star Wars saga through critical thinking, discussion, analysis, and rhetoric.  Our bi-weekly Podcast seeks to interpret and discuss the saga in a whole new way, with emphasis on thought-provoking discussion and analysis of the Star Wars universe through fan feedback and interaction via email, this website,Facebook, and Twitter.

 I recently had a chance to talk with Dan Z and Cory Clubb about just what is going on at with their podcast, the newest happenings and also some other aspects that surround the Coffee with Kenobi network family.

Pete: So tell me guys what’s up, what you got going on as of late?

Dan and Cory: Things are going well at CWK. With the addition of Lattes With Leia to our CWK family, we now have five shows on our network, which is exciting. We hope to cover as many aspects of fandom as possible. Personally, I have started a blog, “Coffee and The Clone Wars”, which looks at every single episode of the series. There are 121 overall, and I look at a new one every two weeks. It’s daunting, but a lot of fun.

Above are just some of the great content that is available at the CWK website found here.

Pete: It has been an awesome journey for you so far, anything you would change, do differently?

Dan and Cory: Honestly, things are wonderful. We love reaching as many people as possible and hope to expand Coffee With Kenobi even more. As we grow, so do the opportunities for fans to have a voice, which is crucial to us.

Pete: Tell the fans what Coffee with Kenobi is all about for those that do not know you.

Dan and Cory: We have three fundamental principles we live by 1) Giving fans a voice/platform to be heard 2) Rhetoric, analysis, and discussion. Our show and website seek to examine Star Wars through an analytical lens. 3) No spoilers or speculation. This is a safe place for those fans who do not like spoilers.

Pete: What other aspects of the Star Wars universe do you guys explore for fans looking to listen to a new podcast?

Dan and Cory: Books (Legends and canon), comics, video games, Rebels, Clone Wars, and the films.

Pete: Tell me something that the fans do not know about Dan and Cory?

Dan and Cory: This is tricky, as we are an open book. We both have great children, supportive wives, and are related. Cory is my nephew-in-law!

Well thank you guys for talking with me today! I want to also say that not only does CWK bring you all the latest Star Wars news, but they also are very active with Make-A-Wish and Force for Change. These great organizations are an asset to the world today and hold a special place for me as well, because of my son who was born with a congenital heart defect. Please if you can donate today to this great cause!
I want to say thank you to Dan and Cory for taking the time to talk with me and all they do for the Star Wars community, keep up the great work guys!!!!
If you would like to sit down and talk with me or have any suggestions for future articles feel free to contact me at Thanks…May the Force be with you always…
Pete aka Starlord.

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