Our Han Solo Nostalgia Will Never Die #0005

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Wishful thinking will never die, and that is something Star Wars fans are definitely known for. Over the span of nearly four decades we saw the original trilogy, the expanded universe, the prequel trilogy, the Star Wars handover from George Lucas to Kathleen Kennedy, the controversy of canon and legend and the beginning of a new pathway of Star Wars ventures and enterprises.

But the hardest thing for fans of not only the Star Wars Universe but character fanbases in general is when we have to see our favourite characters come to pass,… have life and fade away. The death of Han Solo moved many of us across the spectrum of Star Wars loving enthusiasts. There was shock there was dismay and there was anger as the hero many of us had grown up with suddenly breathed his last breath.

It was very difficult to witness the passing of that smuggler that many had all grown to appreciate in one way or another. Is it possible somehow that Han Solo did not die and that somehow he survived the stabbing by his son Ben (Kylo-Ren).

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There was a time lapse before Han falling and the battle between  Kylo Ren and Rey enough time for instance for Han to get to an escape pod or any other kind of vehicle of imaginings.

Secondly we don’t know what was down in that abyss except if it is indicated in the Force Awakens source material.

Now finally the only other option possible is the notion that when he fell he landed on something which was cushioned or stopped him from shattering to a thousand pieces and something somehow healed him after being pierced in what appeared to be his heart as well as transported him onto a ship or into an enclosed contained pod or vessel which somehow survives a planet blowing up to a thousand pieces.

Unfortunately it is extremely likely none of the above occurred and wishful thinking as great as it is and as ideal as it seems just cannot help this situation.

We will always remember Han Solo and somehow move forward remembering how we have watched other heroes pass away and yet always know they will be forever etched in our Star Wars memories.


Written by Michael Gusman

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