A Matter of Interpretation

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One of the things I personally enjoy the most about Star Wars is the discussions. Just talking to people about Star Wars in general, I get all sorts of differing points of view about the lore of the Force. There are so many outlooks and perceptions. Since the Force has this little exclusivity like in most religion, things are pretty much a matter of interpretation. In the same way people tend to perceive things on a rather individual basis.

Whether we like it or not both groups follow a specific dogma. There are always those who see things in a different manner. It’s never had to be out right stated, but each group had their questioners and had their own way of seeing things. Like Qui Gon, Luke Skywalker, Revan, Lord Scourge and Ahsoka Tano, all characters that at one point in time started to see things from a different perspective, outside of the common ideals of the Jedi order. All had their very own experiences leading up to these revelations, but still served a purpose for personal growth as a Force user. One of the quotes that stands out the most when thinking about the exclusivity of the Force and its nature is Obi Wan’s famous quote about one’s point of view, and how our truths depend on them. That does not only have to apply
to Obi Wan’s conversation with Luke about Anakin; it can also be used in this context when discussing the Force. The exact same way of thinking applies to how religion is
interpreted. People pick up on context more so and interpretation, perception varies among’st people.


Same as the opinion of both sides, some people consider the Grey Jedi to be something that actually makes a lot of sense and some view it as merely black and white. Which there is nothing wrong with, since my main point of the story is that it’s based on interpretation. As I also said it was never really stated or labeled. So my interpretation of it is more on an individual basis. Which leads to why I started using the term neutral Force user. Since some of the characters that fall in this category don’t consider themselves to be Jedi within the canon and outside in the Legends side of Star Wars lore.

Marc Angers (Angers Angle)

Written by: Marc Angers


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