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Today is ALIEN DAY and we at TGR Entertainment have some very special news for you. Starting next week we will be bringing you all the latest that artist Randy Martinez has to offer in the form of a weekly blog. Krystee and I had the pleasure of speaking with Randy this week, here’s what he had to say…

Pete and Krystee: Hey Randy how ya been man?

Randy: I’m good, thank you. Just working hard, making art, having a good time!

Pete and Krystee: The last time you were on TGR you could only tease us with what you were doing by saying one word “Alien,” you had me man, right there I must say. So tell me about the Alien cards you are creating for Upper Deck.

Randy: Yes, that is right. You know one of the toughest things, for me, when I have the good fortune to work on official projects for titles like Star Wars, Aliens, or Lord of The Rings, is keeping my mouth shut. I mean, I’ve mastered keeping my mouth shut, but its tough because it’s exciting. I just want to share it with all the fans but I can’t until they say I can talk.

This Upperdeck set of Trading cards is called Alien Anthology, and I illustrated 20 cards for the base set. The set celebrates the entire Aliens Anthology From Alien to Alien: Resurrection.  They gathered a bunch of artists to illustrate the entire story line in something like 100 cards… that’s not easy. I illustrated the second half of Aliens, the second film in the series. It was challenging, because of all the details on the aliens, but I had a good time. It’s great to do something you’re not completely familiar with. I mean, I know and I love Aliens, but I don’t know the intricate details to the Xenomorphs like I do say Darth Vader or Spiderman’s webbing. I’m very happy and excited with how the art came out!

Pete and Krystee: We all know you love playing music and Star Wars but how does Alien fit into all of that?

Randy: Thank you, it’s nice to hear you all know me for playing music too. Star Wars is just a small part of what I do, really, if you boil it down, it’s just the subject matter I have been fortunate enough create art for, officially. As an artist, it’s important to take interest in everything the world has to offer, so when a new project , that is different from anything you’ve done before, comes around, you’ll have some knowledge of it. More than that, it’s just good to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world. The more you know the more interesting you and your art will be.  So, creating Aliens art is not any further a stretch for me (or an artist) to do than drawing flowers, or kittens. I get excited to make art. The subject matter, like Aliens or Star Wars, just makes it a little more fun.

Pete and Krystee: What was your favorite movie of the set? That can include Prometheus too!

Randy: Aliens is my favorite of the series. I was so happy that I was assigned to create illustrations for that film. Of course the original Alien was great too, but Aliens was really something else to me, when I was a kid. I just thought it was really cool that it mixed Action Adventure with Horror. Really, it was a new kind of genre, Action/Horror, that was created with Aliens. Interestingly, when I was about 10, my mom took me to my first comic book convention here in LA. It was in the basement of this old hotel that does’t exist anymore. They had a panel for this new movie coming out that was the sequel to Alien. There were about 60 people in the audience, and they showed us clips of the coming movie. It was very exciting, and they gave out a bunch of promo swag that my mom still has… somewhere.

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Pete and Krystee: You are one of the best artists I have ever met, how do you feel about H.R. Giger? Did he influence you at all?

Randy: Thank you. Giger is a fine artist. He’s very skilled obviously, and has a very specific vision. It was never really my cup of tea growing up, but my parents (both artists), taught me to respect and take in all art. To be frank, Giger’s art probably scared me as a kid, so I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it. His influence? Well, I couldn’t have done this Aliens art without his influence, as the Xenomorphs are based on his designs.

Pete and Krystee: Can you tell us what’s next? Anything big?

Randy: I can actually tell you about a project I just completed, in time for Alien Day (4/26). It’s a limited edition print I created for Acme Archives titled Aliens: Nemesis I quite literally jumped straight from one Aliens project onto this art for Acme. It will be released on April 26. You can order at Acme, or if you want to wait to get a rare artists proof from me, I will have them in my store soon! Oops, did I let that slip? Yes, I have even more official Aliens art coming very soon! That’s all I can say about that. I am currently working a new official Star Wars painting… You’ll be seeing that very soon. Finally, I am really excited to add another fun movie franchise to my resume… Harry Potter! And that is literally all I can say about that. So yeah, lots of big things happening, but you’ll have to wait!

Pete and Krystee: Thanks man for talking with us today, hopefully we can line up our schedules and get you back on the show soon. We’re looking forward to featuring you weekly and sharing with the TGR fans!

Randy: Absolutely, I love talking with you all about art, movies and fun!

To see and buy some of Randy’s work visit him here The Art of Randy Martinez. And also be on the look out for Randy’s new TGR blog here on every week!

Thank you,


Pete aka Starlord

Edited by: Krystee Anidem

Written by: Pete Wadsworth


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