Angers Angle: For all who think the EU is “dead”

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Hello everyone. My name is Marc. This will be my first entry on the site. I hope you enjoy.

For all those who think the EU is “dead” or will not be anything in a few years, Dave Filoni mentioned in an interview that they will possibly be introducing Revan.  He said they want to do it so it introduces the entire Old Republic era at the same time as well as do it justice.


They had Revan in the character database since the Clone Wars and they wanted to put him in it like they did with Bane. This is more so me speculating on their subtext, if you will. Pablo Hidalgo and Leeland Chang are also mulling over the entire Star Wars timeline. I don’t know if it’s just the two of them alone or if they have help, but that’s why we’re only going to see the nods happen slowly…. and why I say the EU is dormant rather than fully shut down. The only real difference I see is the post RTOJ stuff being slightly different. So far I see elements of some of Zahn and Anderson’s work in TFA.


Think about it…they combined the fate of the Jedi timeline with the plot of Jedi Search….in homages. Starkiller base is a combination of the Sun Crusher and the third Deathstar. They took Kyp Durrons Arc and combined it with Jacen Solo’s (sort of) starting his transition in his late teens so he grows into Darth Caedus, who’s real arc only started in his late 20s. They would have gone with actually using EU as it was for 22 years. The people who have not read those books would say they are just copying the original trilogy even more so, since it would have been a literal third Deathstar….and for the Sun Crusher.


The same people would have thought that Abrams recycled his Red Matter from Star Trek for TFA. Then there are the Solo twins who are great stand alone characters, to the non EU reader. I do have quite a few friends that have never picked up a book or comic outside the movies, and even they kinda thought the idea of the twins being a bit of a copy of the original. Really I don’t think it matters what direction they go. There will always be someone who thinks it should have gone another way.

Those are some of the reasons why I’m ok with EU being put in homages and is left dormant till something is cherry picked for revival. Makes it more fun to speculate on what they are paying homage to while trying to figure out the future plot. Hope this clears a bit of the air.

Written by: Marc Angers

Edited by: Krystee Anidem

Photo Editor: Pete Wadsworth


One thought on “Angers Angle: For all who think the EU is “dead”

  1. I get what you’re trying to say, but I think referring to “Legends” with the all-encompassing “EU” is a bit of a misnomer-I would say the “expanded universe” (i.e. “EU”) includes all non-movie content, regardless of whether or not it’s “canon” or “Legends.” I do agree wholeheartedly, though, that putting in references and/or homages to Legends in the new canon EU, as well as the films, is a great way to sort of bridge the gap between the two. I’m pretty sure that’s why they decided to call the old content “Legends” in the first place…it’s like Ahsoka says, “There’s always a bit of truth in legends.” Filoni knew exactly what he was doing when he had her say that line.

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