The Imperial Legionaire Story #0004


Hi I’m Michael Gusman – a.k.a. The Imperial Legionaire the founder of The Star Wars Imperial Legion concept.

The first time I was introduced to Star Wars I received the Return Of The Jedi complete card set of 132 cards. I was 8 years old and thought it was so cool. I remember reading The Return Of The Jedi novel by James Kahn and thought it was brilliant how it had the pictures of the movie in the middle of it. This was my introduction to Star Wars. 








I experienced all the movies at the time and was deeply moved by them as a collective unit.

anewhopeposter  Star-Wars-Empire-Strikes-Back-V-Poster_878f7fceReturnOfTheJediPoster1983

By the time I was playing the Star Wars Super Nintendo games I was well and truly hooked. They were such an awesome experience at the time and I spent countless hours immersed in the games.


I started collecting a multitude of books in the expanded universe and it was so inspiring I loved it very very much. My favourites were the Thrawn trilogy and the book A Guide To The Star Wars Universe by Bill Slavicsek which at the time was a massive source of collective data about the Star Wars characters, species, vehicles, planets and so forth.


Now fast forward from there to now and I can say not much has changed I still love Star Wars deeply as I did then. I am a massive collector of Star Wars action figures having amassed thousands of figures which I store in a cabinet that I can look at from my computer endlessly. It always brings me great joy seeing them. I went from having no star wars figures in childhood to having quite a few now. My collection spans across the entire saga of Episodes including Star Wars Rebels and Expanded Universe.





And finally I have all my novels, comics, source books and so forth on my Amazon Fire which is a nice and neat little gadget so I can curl up and immerse myself endlessly within the fine tales which have been documented over nearly four decades.



I started The Star Wars Imperial Legion as a testament that all Star Wars fans are an Imperial Legion, a force to be reckoned with …. We Are Legion !!!!

Written by Michael Gusman

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Thank you all and may the force be with us always ….



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