Star Wars is a Verb

If you have watched the Bonus Features of the DVD you will hear Carrie Fisher say “Families do Star Wars together, it’s a verb.”  This is so true.  My kids and I have been doing Star Wars together their whole lives.  My younger siblings and I have been loving, talking about and doing Star Wars together our whole lives.

In the near future, you will have an opportunity to hear my Star Wars story on the podcast “My Star Wars Story” created by Scott Ryfun.  My recording session with him is slated to be the next episode released.  It’s hard to believe that I recorded it in August of last year.  I have been reluctant to share much of my story in my blog or other web media.  I did not want to spoil it.  My Star Wars Story is all about Star Wars and it’s influences on the lives of people.  You should definitely give it a listen.

DSC_7594 copy

During the week that the Rebels season finale aired, I was visiting my parents in Colorful Colorado.  I don’t have cable in my neck of the woods.  I have to watch Rebels on my phone with an app called Tunemania.  I can usually watch it the day after it airs.

My father just got a brand new 50-inch high definition television, and they have cable.  First chance I got I accessed the DVR and set it to record the show.  It turned out that we were home that evening so I got to watch it as it aired, and rewatch it later….several times.

It was glorious on that big screen and in surround sound!  I was on the edge of my seat and clenching my teeth. My mother is 75 and has hearing issues.  She puts headphones on to watch tv so it’s not turned up so loud that people can hear it next door.  That night my mother also watched the show with me.


My grandfather took my whole family to see Star Wars the summer of ’77. But that was the first and last Star Wars movie my mother ever saw.  I imagine she might have seen it on TV over the years when us kids would watch it.  It was not something she was into.

Now fast forward 40 years and this is what she said about Rebels.  “I kinda liked that show, I think I will have to watch more of them.”  Who knew?  Feloni, you reached a  nearly deaf 75 year old grandmother of 5.  You rock!

PS – My parents are eccentric people.  They are musicians and holistic health nuts.  They have several CD’s published in the “New Age” category.  They are so weird….lol…but also pretty cool in their old age. I love them.  @LogRhythmMusic


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