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In a world that contains over 100,000 podcasts available online today, the medium has exploded into a concept that entertains and yet informs many people around the world daily. In the Star Wars realm no other podcast is quite as popular as The Cantina Cast is a show that brings you the best Star Wars content, that is up to date as well as popular in the industry today. I recently had the chance to talk with Co-Host of the Cantina Cast and Co-Owner Joao Stinson about what he thinks about the world of podcasting and what he wants to do next.

Pete:  Joao hows it going so nice to get a chance to talk with you and meet you.

Joao: Glad to help out.

Pete: I want to say, love, the show and everything that you do as well. Podcasting has become such a mainstream way of reaching massive amounts of fans on a weekly basis, what is one of your favorite aspects of the art/medium?

Joao: Thanks for the compliment, it’s always nice to hear them even though that’s not why I do it. I think I love this medium so much because I’ve always considered myself a creative thinker, but I’m not artistic at all. When it comes to audio, you can create, and you don’t have to be visually artistic. I also think of myself as a decent writer but with podcasting, I don’t have to worry about grammar and typo’s, so that’s always nice. It’s just something I’ve always found appealing, and I’m glad that I found podcasting several years ago.

Pete: For People that do not know about The Cantina Cast enlighten them, is it for just the hardcore fans or does it cater to the casual ones as well?

Joao: We like to think of ourselves as thought-provoking Star Wars talk. We like to have a relaxed atmosphere on the show, like you are in the bar with a buddy, talking about Star Wars, or whatever people talk about over a cold brew. But we just want that atmosphere to come off, and we’ve been told by a lot of people that it certainly does. But we still take pride in trying to be professional but to be funny and entertaining at the same time. It’s not about pushing our social views or agendas, and it’s not about alienating any part of the fan base, whether you love or hate a certain part of Star Wars (We all know of what I speak) we think you can still enjoy the topics we discuss whether you love it all or just the original stuff. We like to make Star Wars fans think even if our theories or ideas are not always correct if we can make the listeners think, we believe they will come back for more. It’s not always about being right; it’s about sparking ideas, making people question things further and just think about all the different aspects that Star Wars has to offer besides lightsabers and spaceships.

I’d say our news segments at the beginning of the podcasts might cater to the casual fan from time to time and trust me, we know they are out there. But it is my feeling if you are listening to a Star Wars podcast year around (not just when the movies come out, which we did see an explosion) then you are not a casual fan, you are a hardcore fan, in most instances. So I feel it’s important to cater to the vast majority of your audience, but we do try to have some fun so that even if you don’t get all the ideas we are throwing at you, hopefully, it can still be an entertaining show.

Pete: Besides podcasting what plans do you have for the future in regards to Star Wars? Anything you have not tried yet that you want to attempt?

Joao: Right now I’m expanding into Youtube. It is a huge hurdle, but I believe it’s the evolution of what we try to do with making entertaining Star Wars content. Since the Cantina Cast usually lasts around an hour and it is once a week, I’m looking to create short (10-15 minute) videos that come out multiple times a week. I believe the youtube audience and the podcast audience are quite different, so it’s just another way to get our brand out there.

Pete: Tell us something the fans and public don’t know about you?

This is hard if you have listened to the podcast over the last three years I’m pretty forthcoming and have inserted a lot of my private life into the show to relate it to Star Wars themes and create content. I guess something that people might not know is that I love Taylor Swift, sad romantic movies, depressing songs, and my guilty pleasure is the Twilight movie series.

Pete: Well thank you for talking with me today! I want to say we all admire you and all the people at The Cantina Cast you represent Star Wars in such a great light!

Joao: Thanks again, it is an honor that anyone would want to ask me questions like this. I’m just an average dude with no connections who’s just worked hard with my co-host Mike and the other great staff we have to create something we feel is special over the years.

Pete: Well, I believe that all hard work needs to be celebrated, and moreover, your guy’s devotion to all the fans as well as Star Wars in general. Thank you for talking with me, and we look forward to all your work in the future.

Thanks everyone for joining me today and thanks Joao from The Cantina Cast. For more information about The Cantina Cast or to listen to their show join them online here.


Thanks all be well…Starlord…

Writer: Peter Wadsworth

2016 TGR Entertainment 



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